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Excellent Conclusion
Claudio Carvalho9 April 2006
Clark Kent saves Lana Lang, but his father Jonathan Kent is missing, trapped with the despicable reporter Roger Nixon (Tom O'Brien) in an old tomb. Lex Luthor saves his father, who is submitted to a surgery. Chloe Sullivan decides to be only friend of Clark.

The first episode of the Second Season of Smallville, "Vortex", is an excellent conclusion of "Tempest". In this episode we clearly see the different reactions and attitudes of Lionel Luthor and Jonathan Kent to his sons, Lex and Clark respectively. Lana Lang becomes suspicious of the abilities of Clark Kent. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Vortex"
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Great Premiere
Rcwilkinson12317 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Vortex" concludes most of the plot arcs left wide open in the finale of Season 1, "Tempest."

Clark Kent saves Lana Lang from the tornado that whisked her away. However, he appears almost to be flying in order to save her, causing Lana to be very suspicious of his ability to save her. Lionel Luthor is also saved by Lex at the last moment and admitted to Smallville Hospital. Dangerously for the Kent family, Jonathan Kent is trapped underground with Roger Nixon, the reporter who was discovering Clark's secret background. Clark and Pete Ross search for Jonathan after Pete's family is found safe. In addition, Chloe decides to forgive Clark for abandoning her to save Lana.

The element that I must applaud from this episode is the tone, as the episode has a very "calming-down" feeling to it after the raging tempests of the previous episode. It resolves many story lines, but leaves others unanswered as to keep the audience hooked.
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