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What is Wrong With Whitney?
Claudio Carvalho26 April 2006
After invading some country around Indonesia, Whitney Fordman is considered missing in action. Lana Lang is very close to Clark Kent, when Whitney unexpectedly returns to Smallville, being welcomed like a hero (why? – maybe small town thing). Whitney claims to have partial amnesia, and shows a sick jealousy of Clark Kent. A further investigation of Clark shows that he is indeed Tina Greer (Lizzy Caplan, from "X-Ray" episode). Meanwhile, Lex Luthor investigates his father and finds that Dr. Helen Bryce (Emmanuelle Vaugier) has some connection with him.

"Visage" could be a good episode of Smallville, but there are many awful lines about the action of Whitney while serving the Marines. The romance of Lex and Helen is interesting, and the attitude of Lana, never believing on Clark, is becoming boring and contradictory with a teenager that always saves her. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Falsas Aparências" ("False Appearances")
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Could it really be Whitney?
Rcwilkinson12319 September 2007
Great news has hit Smallville, and particularly Lana's heart: Whitney Fordman has returned from fighting in the Middle East as a Marine and wants to reunite with Lana. However, Whitney is acting a little strange. He is acting really compulsive and possessive of Lana. Turns out, there may be more than meets the eye.

In addition, Lex begins to question the motives for which Helen is getting closer to him, similar to how he questioned his last woman Victoria.

This episode is really mysterious, and ends with a surprising and exciting conclusion.
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Watch this episode for Eric Johnson's acting, if for nothing else
nixbyrne882 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'm quite surprise no one has commented on the fine acting that took place in this episode from the guest star Eric Johnson, who reprises his role (well, sort of) as Whitney Fordman. Only it's not really Whitney, but a certain someone impersonating him.

What's commendable in this episode is Johnson's portrayal of this rather psychotic Whitney-impersonator. The subtleties were brilliant, and the main actors just seemed to pale in comparison. The depth of his acting only goes to show that he was wasted on Smallville. They should have developed his character more in the first series so as not to waste his acting talent.
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