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The Dangerousness of the Absolute Truth
Claudio Carvalho16 May 2006
Chloe Sullivan visits a former friend of her father in Luthor Corp. to know if he is blacklisted, since all his applications are not accepted and he is not able to find a job. She steals his security card and breaks in the Luthor Corp. laboratory trying to find evidences, but she accidentally is exposed to a sort of gas that makes people tell the truth, exposing their innermost secrets. Chloe uses her ability to explore her curiosity of journalist, hurting people and showing the dangerousness of the absolute truth.

"Truth" is a great episode of Smallville, showing the real feelings of many characters. We see a needy Lex Luthor looking for parental love; Martha Kent's fears about Jonathan Kent recent attitudes; Pete Ross's feelings for Chloe; the application of Lana Lang in an art course in Paris; the confirmation of the crime of Lionel Luthor against his parents. It shows also how people in general hide some of their feelings in order of not hurting the others. I recalled Jim Carrey's "Liar Liar", where his character can not lie, getting into troubles. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Verdade" ("Truth")
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The truth can end up hurting
PUstrontium2 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Outline: In the beginning sequence, Chloe goes to her father's friend and asks if he could help her father get a job. She eventually steals his Luthorcorp pass, and breaks into the plant, getting herself sprayed by a green gas. This gas has given her the new power to reveal the truth, if she asks them. Many people are effected, like a teacher she interviews ends up confessing a murder and her escape from the police. Chloe writes and article on this, almost getting her killed by the teacher's son. Lana tells Chloe about the Paris art school, and that she feels that she can't trust Chloe, and Pete confesses his feelings for Chloe. It's on her way to Clark's house that she almost gets pushed off a bridge by the teacher's son. Led by the suggestion from Lionel Luthor, she was on her way to the Kent's to ask about Clark's secret. Saved by Clark giving her the serum to fight her new "veritas" truth project, everything goes back to normal.

I thought this was a great episode. Not only was it Chloe's dream, but it was also fun to find things out along with her, things the character's had not been revealing. I'm sad to see that Lana is going to Paris. I knew it was coming, but I just don't really like that storyline. Also, I loved how Martha Kent finally opened up and showed some real feelings, other than being the perfect mother type.
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Pretty Good Episode
Rcwilkinson1234 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Chloe, ever so investigative and prodding for the truth, is the last person that people would want to reveal their innermost secrets to in this good episode.

But, alas, Chloe gets this temporary power when she is exposed to a kryptonite gas form in the LuthorCorp plant in Smallville. Because of this ability, she can prod the truth out of anybody, sans Clark. This includes Lionel Luthor, which will prove to spell the end of Lionel's machinations and darkest secret from the past.

This episode is solid, and serves to be one of the main reasons for Lionel's imprisonment in the season finale. For that reason, "Truth" is a very pivotal episode.
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3x18 - Rewatch (Chloe-centric)
DCSassyQueen21 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
While breaking into Luthor Corp, Chloe is accidentally sprayed down with a green truth-serum gas. With the exception of Clark, Chloe is able to ask anyone anything & they will tell her the truth, but the truth serum comes with deadly consequences.

Reaction: "Truth" is one of the reasons I hated Chloe so much when I first watch Smallville. She is so determined to get to the bottom of a story she does not care who gets hurt. Friends be damn. This time around I am still upset. She ruined a woman's & a kid's life & she keeps thinking she can get by with sorry. I kind of wished that woman's son pushed her off that bridge. I am not sure if my hate for Chloe has started, but I will see if I can stand her in the next episode.

Truths revealed:

*Lana submitted an application to study abroad in Paris... so happy for this. It is about time this Clark & Lana circle is shaken up a bit.

*Lionel Luthor killed his parents, but who did not know that.

*Pete is in love with Chloe. Ew. I did not see that one coming.

*Lex wants his father to love him. They just keep humanising Lex & making me feel sorry for him. Make the emotions stop.

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