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James Marsters' character tells Clark "There's no such thing as vampires." Marsters starred in nearly every season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as the vampire Spike.
According to the DVD commentary, the writers and producers considered this to be the worst episode of Season 5. The entire commentary is devoted to the theme "What Were We Thinking?"
Chloe at the end mentions the line 'Up, Up and Away' which also happens to be one of Superman's iconic lines.
When Prof. Milton Fine is told of the rabies virus strain, he tells Clark to ask Lex about Project 1138. "1138" has been used in at least two George Lucas films, THX 1138 and Star Wars: A New Hope. The latter film stars Carrie Fisher who's character (Princess Leia) is rescued from cell block 1138. Fisher makes an appearance interviewing Chloe for the job at the Daily Planet.
Paulette Kahn, the name of Carrie Fisher's character is a homage to the former DC Comics presidents, Jennette Kahn and Paul Levitz.
"Thirst" is dedicated to the memory of Kimberley Regent who worked as property master on the show.
The head of the sorority of vampires is named Buffy, another obvious reference to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

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