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The sub-plot saves this episode
Rcwilkinson12329 November 2007
A lame temporary storyline of sorority vampires is kept from being bitten in the backside by an intriguing sub-plot involving the increasing rivalry and threats between Lex Luthor and Milton Fine.

Lana applied late to Metropolis University, so the only housing near campus she can hope for is the Tri Psi sorority. Turns out, all of the sorority members are vampires, bitten over time and sworn there forever by Buffy Sanders, a meteor freak who was infected when she was bitten by infected vampire bats, who live in caves with stalactites that are filled with kryptonite. As is tradition, only one girl is initiated into Tri Psi per year, and this girl is Lana, who in turn is transformed into a vampire. She gets sharp fangs, sleeps during the day, parties at night, and drinks others' blood. Blah blah blah.

The cooler part of this episode: Lex learns that Milton Fine is ruining his image in Fine's college class, and discovers that Fine is researching Lex's ethically questionable projects for a book. Lex knows that Fine has Clark as his special assistant for this research. Lex threatens Fine's professor job, while Fine threatens to reveal Lex's projects publicly.

By the end of the episode, the audience has to be asking themselves two questions: "What in the world was the vampire thing all about?" and "Is Fine good or evil? What are his motives?" And are his motives ever so insidious, it's worse than Lex could ever think of doing at this point in his increasingly dark life.
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The Project 1138
Claudio Carvalho10 May 2007
Lana Lang tells Clark Kent that she is moving to the Metropolis University and she is accepted in the Tri Psi Sorority, a sisterhood with hot vampires leaded by Buffy Sanders, and Lana is transformed in a vampire. Meanwhile, the chief-editor of The Daily Planet Pauline Kahn denies an intern position to Chloe Sullivan, but in the end she proposes Chloe to write a good story to prove that she might be part of the team of reporters. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor intimidates Professor Milton Fine, but in retribution he shows a dossier about the secret experiments that Luthorcorp is performing in the campus of the Kansas University. When Clark sees Lana at Chloe's room, he believes she is with a hangover; later, he goes with Lana to a costume party promoted by the Tri Psi. When Lana attacks Chloe, Clark discloses the truth about Buffy and her sisterhood and tries to find a means to save Lana and Chloe.

"Thirst" is a delightful episode of "Smallville" and homage to the cult "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". Now there is another great mystery relative to Professor Milton Fine: "Who is he?" and "Is he good or evil?" are probably the two more important questions about this character, inclusive with an advice of Lex to Clark in the end. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Sede" ("Thirst")
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Buffy/Spike + Lana the vampire
newallme8 August 2006
yeah, this is definitely an ode to buffy, especially with the main vamp being blonde, somewhat bi-polar and being named buffy. plus, what good supernatural show wouldn't have vampires at least once. plus, everyone knows that kristen does a hot evil girl (see episode 4:8, Spell and episode 4:15 Sacred). love the quote from Fine (aka Spike on Buffy) "there's no such thing as vampires" ha, as a buffy fan, i was rolling with laughter. though it could have been written better, with more vamp lore and sexiness. the subplot of Chole was kind of lame. they downplayed the vamp attraction and everyone knows clark loves his women in charge. he he. heart James Marsters and heart Tom!!! awesome episode, one of the best.
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Good but Annoying
DAllum8914 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm always undecided with episodes like this. Smallville usually uses other shows and films well for certain episodes - like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this one. The thing I don't like is how obvious and unsubtle they make them;

  • The evil lead characters 'Buffy Sanders' are always over the top and annoying (another example is the Prom Queen character in Season 4 Spirit). - They always end with someone having their memory swiped and so really the episodes don't do much to further the big picture. - The subplot with Chloe is good in the sense that it finally brings The Daily Planet into focus in the show but her voice-over didn't really fit.

However this episode does have some redeeming features. The deeper exploration of Milton Fine's character (especially paying homage to Marster's character on Buffy) and his opposition to Lex is really interesting.

Also Clark's comments about not liking costumes and not liking masks is a nice nod to his future Superman outfit.
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Blood lust
John Loring23 November 2008
I think this is one of the most erotic episodes I've seen on TV in some time. I had a hard time accepting that there just happens to be a sorority of female vampires in Metropolis and they pick Lana to be one of them. But Lana's pursuit and almost conquest of Clark is quite a turn on for those that find female vampires sexy (I do). I'm somewhat puzzled by how Lana can bite through Clark's skin? Isn't he supposed to be invulnerable? Is it the near by Krytonite that so weakens him that he can be bitten by a vampire? And why does Lana stop sucking his blood if it empowers her so? The sight of Lana as an evil, blood craving vampire chomping on Clark's neck with a sickening "crunch" is one I will long remember. As will I remember her equally disturbing shriek of ecstasy when she discovers that Clark's blood is something special.

Definitely a departure and a homage to "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". But most definitely worth a look see.
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Buffy Sanders = Buffy Summers
moviesmarts0628 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Does anyone else find that this is a tip of the hat to Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I mean, come on, of all the names in the world they choose Buffy for the lead vampire. If not, than some writer doesn't know his/her television history. I think this is an obvious nod that the sneaking writers added to see if anyone would run up the red flag and go, "hey, Buffy!" Tricky, tricky. And the fact that the episode stars one of the former cast of Buffy, James Marsters, who played Sunnydale's resident "Big Bad" Spike, makes it even more delicious. Plus, several former staff members of Buffy now work on the Smallville staff (eg- Steven S. DeKnight). I'm just saying this must be an ode to Buffy or a major mix of coincidences.
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Well, Duh!!!
catwoman16 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard that James Marsters was going to be in this season's "Smallville" I was so happy to see him on another of my favorite shows, and I was wondering how they would use him. In giving the show an episode that revolved around vampires was a stretch, but was a wonderful connection to introduce his character.

I loved the fact that in giving James Marsters the first of his major part in this series that they gave a "tip of the hat" to the role for which he is most known.

Buffy Sanders the Vampire = Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer, and the part where Clark says that there are vampires on campus and Marsters character states "Clark, there are no such thing as Vampires." was wonderful. It was a perfect use of Marsters and homage to "Spike" whom we all know and love.
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