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Love at First Sight

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
24 April 2006

While practicing motocross with Pete Ross, Clark Kent falls down through a hole in an underground cave and meets the Indian descendant Kyla Willowbrook (Tamara Fieldman). The girl is investigating some mysterious ancient paintings in the walls of the cave, which might explain the origins of Clark, and they immediately fall in love for each other. Her grandparent and some ecologists are fighting against the construction of a Luthor Corp. building that will destroy the caves, but generate one thousand new jobs in Smallville. Martha becomes split between the both interests. Meanwhile, a wolf threatens one constructor, Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor, and Clark Kent believes that the Indian Chief is a mutant with the power of transforming himself in a wolf.

"Skinwalker" is the first episode where Clark Kent has a girlfriend and is completely in love. The actress Tamara Fieldman is very beautiful and slightly reassembles Kristin Kreuk. The relationship between Lana and Mr. Small is finally disclosed. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Mutantes" ("Mutants")

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The Legend is Revealed

Author: Rcwilkinson123 from United States
19 September 2007

One of the most crucial episodes of 'Smallville' up to this point, and probably one of the most crucial for the series, presents itself in the 31st episode of the series.

Why, you might ask? Because the man who is destined to become a legend needs to learn the legend himself. And that is indeed what Clark learns in this episode.

After falling into a cave while motocrossing with Pete, Clark comes upon a beautiful Indian girl named Kyla, who indisputably resembles Lana Lang. In the caves, Kyla tells Clark about the legend on the walls concerning the hero Numan, who shoots fire from his eyes, is incredibly strong, and will be sent from the stars to save Earth. Clark, citing his recently newfound ability, immediately considers himself while trying to disregard the legend as a hokey native tale.

Meanwhile, LuthorCorp is trying to construct a new building right on top of the caves, which would generate many new jobs in the town but completely wipe out the caves and the suddenly important legend that Clark so needs to discover more. In their retaliation, a mysterious, mutated Indian tribe member attacks Lionel and Martha. It's up to Clark not only to learn the legend, but find this attacker. Could it be his newfound love Kyla?

This episode is wonderful for many previously mentioned reasons. The presentation of the Indian legend is a great, fresh new take on the self-discovery of Clark.

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Worst Episode of Smallville I've seen so far.

Author: MeloDee from Texas, U.S.A.
4 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I felt so passionately about this episode that I absolutely had to write a review for it. It is going to be hard to write about it without giving too much away, but I'll try the that best I can.

As Pete and Clark are motocrossing shortly after the beginning of the episode, Clark crashes into a log slightly hidden in the tall grass, goes flying off his bike rather comically, and falls through the soft earth and into a cave. There, he meets Kyla, who, after making sure he is okay- and of course, he is- shows him the caves. They are covered with paintings that her people did, telling of "Numan" a legendary man who would fall from the sky. These foretold that Numan would be able to shoot fire from his eyes, a friend as close as a brother would become his nemesis, and another foretold of a mysterious woman he was destined to love. The symbol in the last foretelling, matched one on Kyla's bracelet- she said that her Indian tribe had passed it down for generations.

Now, of course we knew immediately who "Numan" was. And of course, we could see that Kyla thought she was destined to be with Clark- and Clark apparently believed the same thing.

We knew better, so this begged the question; what were the writers going to do about Kyla? And although Lana's not "the one", we knew that their "romance" would have to be rekindled at least for a time.

The way the writers resolved the Lana/Kyla issue was, to say the least, pathetic. Tom Welling gave one of his worst performances as well- but that was the fault of the director and writer for giving him such a hastily moving script! He's no Kirsten Kreuk you know- her and Allison Mack generally give more solid performances than Tom Welling, but he does a pretty darn good job most of the time.

The episode was just disgustingly, pathetically not good enough. I would say don't bother to watch it, and maybe, you won't mind, because after it (the episode "Visage") is a month-long time jump the writers smashed in to tie up the loose ends they left in "Skinwalkers."

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