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The Hero, The Fish and The Shark
Claudio Carvalho7 May 2007
Lois Lane returns to Smallville, and while swimming in the Crater Lake, she drowns and is rescued by Arthur Curry, a student of the Miami University. The have a crush for each other, but Clark Kent is suspicious of AC since he noted his abilities underwater. AC discloses to Clark that Lex Luthor is developing a weapon to the navy that is a menace to the marine life. Clark in principle does not believe on AC, but later he realizes that his fears are correct and he helps AC to sabotage the experiment of Luthorcorp. Meanwhile at Kansas University, Clark becomes close to his Prof. Milton Fine, a man that is writing a book about the evilness of the Luthors.

In this excellent episode, Clark Kent meets the Aquaman, a future member of the Justice League of America. The story is very well developed, with two new characters, AC and Prof. Milton Fine. This time, Clark seems to have definitely ended his friendship with Lex Luthor and will probably disclose other malevolencies of this evil character in his research. The gorgeous Erica Durance wearing bikini is another attraction in this show. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Guardião do Mar" ("The Guardian of the Sea")
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Meet Arthur Curry... Hero. Protector. Aquaman.
Rcwilkinson12329 November 2007
A key DC Comics character comes to town in this exciting episode.

The young main characters are at Crater Lake, when Lois gets knocked unconscious while diving into the lake. However, she is saved by a young man named Arthur Curry. As Clark discovers, contrary to Clark's initial belief of being some sort of terrorist who is just playing on Lois' infatuation, Arthur Curry has unique superpowers when underwater, and works to save the world beneath the surface. "AC" tells Clark that Lex is building a lethal naval weapon called Levithian, which combats opposing submarines underwater, but exterminates all sea life around it. AC convinces Clark to stop this weapon, leaving Lex to wonder what the second streak of water other than AC's came from.

This episode is thrilling because it introduces Aquaman, and because it continues to explore Lex's ethically questionable projects, increasing the already-strenuous relationship of Clark and Lex.
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The JLA comes to Smallville (again)
Bob Wickman30 July 2006
For the second time in as many years we see another member of the J.L.A (Justice League of America) on Smallville. This time it is Arthur Curry A.K.A. Aquaman. He bursts onto the scene to save Lois Lane. She is of course smitten by her rescuer. Clark, denying his true feelings, is suspicious of AC. The more he digs the more he is worried about Curry's reasons for binging in Kansas, when he is a scholarship swimmer from The University of Miami. Clark finds out that AC is in town because Lex is dealing with the military in a project that may kill a lot of sea life. After a rocky start the two team up against Lex. Clark sees that Arthur's heart is in the right place. The episode is a good prelude to what will happen someday for these two. Not the best Smallville and not the worse. It shows Clark that not everyone is what they seem to be which, is a good lesson for the superhero he will someday be.
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