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"Sliders" The Last of Eden (1997)

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This episode was filmed before the professor left the show in the episode "The exodus part II" and so this episode is done as a flash back. The Sliders land on a world very reminiscent of the book "The time machine" where there are 2 distinct species of humanoids, 1 group lives above ground while the others live below and access to the sub surface is in the "forbidden zone". Shortly after arriving there is an earthquake and Wade is sucked below the surface and when the others try to seek help from the locals to get her out they are informed by a leader of the group that informs them of the laws, "do not dig the earth" and "do not go into the forbidden zone". When Quinn finds a local willing to help, they travel to the sub surface where they find a group of mutated people who were trapped beneath the surface when the "gineers" set up a gimble type device to keep the surface elevated. When the professor and Remi are infected by a strange disease a local gives them medicine to treat their wounds and the local tells Remi that the disease affected the professor faster because he must be sick, after confronting the professor about this Remi learns of the professors terminal disease. They get free, join Quinn and save Wade convincing a few of the locals that their survival is dependent on their leaving the safety of the valley. All in all not the best episode but it was nice to see the professor again


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