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  • In a seemingly Utopian world where population control is a priority, citizens play the lottery at local ATM machines. The more they withdraw from the public account, the more chances they have to win the jackpot. Wade winds up a winner and now has to keep her end of the deal which makes the next slide all the more urgent. Rembrandt is arrested for trying to help a lottery winner reverse her fortunes.


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  • The Sliders land in a world that seems to be a utopia. No war, no famine, and no overpopulation to plague the planet. When Wade (Sabrina Lloyd) is chosen as a winner of a strange Lottery where your chances of winning increase with the more money you withdraw from their ATM machines, Quinn (Jerry O'Connell) begins to have suspicions that nothing is as it seems. At this point we are introduced to Rembrandt's (Cleavant Derricks) love interest for this episode, Julianne (Alex Datcher). During the Winners Ball, Quinn discovers that the "winners" are actually chosen to be killed as a part of the population control measures of that Earth. Arturo (John Rhys-Davies) makes a comment that the methods on this world may seem barbaric, but can be appreciated in comparison to our world where millions die from the effects of overpopulation. Wade meets another winner names Ryan (Nicholas Lea) whom she bonds with at this point. Rembrandt, having learned about Julianne's fate, asks her to slide with him and the others. She calls the Lottery Police because she believes that dying is the correct thing to do. After she dies a painless death during a "Moving on" ceremony, Rembrandt is taken to a processing facility to be killed in a more painful manor. In the meantime, Wade reveals the truth about the Sliders to Ryan who doesn't take it well, and leaves her on the walkway in the garden. The others witness Rembrandt being taken away and give chase. Quinn takes advantage of a protest at the processing facility and frees Rembrandt. Meanwhile, Wade hides in the banquet hall but is discovered quickly. Luckily for her, Ryan has a change of heart and dispatches her captors. He decides to go with them at this point. The Sliders reunite while being pursued by the police and make the jump into the portal. Unfortunately, Quinn is shot by an officer as he enters the worm hole. The scene fades out as the others over look Quinn and Wade screams, "No!".

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