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The Bionic Monte Markham
StuOz15 July 2011
Follow up story to The Seven Million Dollar Man episode but, sadly, not half as good as that pull-out-all-stops action block buster. The Bionic Criminal is also missing what helped make The Seven Million Dollar Man so good: a totally outstanding music score!

But The Bionic Criminal is still one of the better episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man as Monte Markham is just sooooo good in the role of Barney! There is just something about this guy's face, only when he plays Barney, that grabs the attention of the viewer. Over the years I have seen Markham in other shows, mainly Baywatch, and it makes me yell out: "What a waste of talent!"

Markham should have gone onto big roles in big movies, but then we will always have his two bionic hours to keep us thrilled for decades to come!
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