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brooklyn-schuster10 May 2006
This episode one of the best Simpsons episodes I've ever seen. After the celebration of "Love Day" (A feast invented by Costingtons), Homer has to take out a lot of garbage. On his way he has a conflict with the garbage men. After this, they decide not to take the Simpsons trash anymore. Homer has a crazy idea: He wants to become the next sanitation commissioner. A very funny episode with U2 as guest stars. And the "Garbagemen can" song was marvelous too. Steve Martin as Ray Patterson in another guest role. Another enemy for Homer! A great fun for everyone!

9 of 10 Stars!
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200th episode.
FilmBuff199413 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Trash of the titans is a very good Simpsons episode and it is also their 200th episode and it deserved the Emmy award as well,anyway it starts off with a the store Costingtons trying to come up with a new holiday to make more money and and they come up with a thing called Love Day,and the Simpsons all celebrate it and give each other stupid cheap presents and when they through all the presents in the bin they discover their bin is full to the top and the next morning Homer has to take out the trash but discovers that he was too late for the garbage men and makes a complaint and then the garbage men cut their service and then Homer decides to run for sanitation commissioner against Ray Patterson (voiced by Steve Martin)and Homer ends up advertising for himself at a U2 concert (also starring U2)and wins for making a saying "cant someone else do it"and saying that the garbage men will do stuff like waxing your car.
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