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Bart and Lisa attempt Springfield's yearly comic-book convention. While there, Bart is enticed when the owner of the Android's Dungeon Comic Shop offers to sell issue number 1 of Radioactive Man for $100. However, Bart does not have enough, and vows to get enough money to buy it.

Bart pleads with Homer, but gets no sympathy. He tries all sorts of methods to obtain money, but his attempts yield small returns. He soon takes on the task of helping an elderly woman with some household chores, but the job only nets him fifty cents.

Returning to the comic shop. Bart finds Martin Prince trying to buy Radioactive Man #1 for $40, and Milhouse trying to buy a rare baseball card for $30. Bart soon convinces the two to help pool their money so that they can by Radioactive Man #1, but they soon come to a horrible dilemma: who gets the comic?

The incident leads to all three staying in Bart's treehouse, where a scuffle soon breaks out, in which the comic ends up falling into the rainy night into a mud puddle, being torn apart by Santa's Little Helper, before finally being struck by lightning and disintegrated.


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