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Mr. Burns gives a speech to the Junior Achievers' Club at Lisa's school. Lisa asks him if his plant recycles, but Mr. Burns beats around the bush and claims that if he listened to the likes of her he would not be as rich as he is. When Lisa points out that he has overstated his net worth (as compared to that of his autobiography), he panics, and tries to re-invest what's left of his money in outdated stocks. He goes broke, loses the power plant and his house, and must live in Smithers' apartment. After being committed to a retirement home by two grocers while becoming disoriented at the store, Burns asks Lisa to help him regain his fortune, offering 10% of his earnings Lisa agrees on the condition that he only do socially responsible, non-evil work. Eventually, he makes enough money from recycling to build the Li'l Lisa Recycling Plant. Lisa is impressed until she discovers the main product: animal slurry made from animals and plants dragged in from the sea by a web of plastic can holders. She is so horrified that she turns down 10% of the $120,000,000 Mr. Burns makes from selling it.


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