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Classic episode!
Tommy Nelson26 January 2006
starring: (The regulars: Dan, Julie, Nancy, Yeardley and Harry) also starring Hank Azaria and Phil Hartman.

One of my favorite episodes. It is about Grampa getting a girlfriend after so many years of being single. Homer makes him go with him to Discount Lion Safari on his girl Bea's birthday and Bea dies while hes out. He inherits money and tries to find someone to give it to. Its touching and lovely and one of the best episodes of the series to date. Phil Hartman plays Lionel Hutz and Plato in this one.

My rating- A(95%).

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Not without its charm
gizmomogwai23 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In Old Money, an episode from season 2 of The Simpsons, Grampa gets a girlfriend, an old lady from the retirement home called Bea. When she dies, she leaves Grampa with over $100,000. Grampa at first tries to enjoy the money in accordance with Bea's wishes, but finds it brings him no joy. Encouraged by what may have been Bea's ghost to instead give the money away to a needy cause, Grampa receives visitors who explain why they need the money. In the end Grampa decides to spend the money on improving the retirement home.

Another good episode from a season that had no bad episodes; Old Money may not be hilarious, but the jokes are there. Old people jokes usually go over well with me. Sure, these jokes can be cruel, but on the other hand, the end of this episode does make a point that old people need consideration, too. The question of what one should do with a lot of money is an interesting one, and the townspeople pleading their cases allows for some enjoyable light humour (including with Frink, the mad scientist). The Kipling reference and the joke about a broken heart (literal and metaphorical at the same time) were smart. Also notable is the fact that Lisa says if she had a pony she would name it Princess, which she does in season 3.

The scariest thing about this episode is that people thought seeing Bea at the retirement home at the end of the episode was a goof, since she was dead. It should be obvious this was her in spirit, especially since she was explicitly a ghost on the roller coaster, and the fact that people mistook this for a goof is frightening testimony as to the lack of imagination and thinking power of people today.
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Heartfelt Episode!
g-bodyl23 April 2014
The seventeenth episode of the second season of the Simpsons happens to be one of the most touching episodes of this season. It's not all that funny, despite some really good jokes being present. But it's more sad because of the crumbling relationship between Homer and his father. Despite all the sadness, I could not help but feel the pain for both sides of the party.

In this episode, "Old Money," Grampa begins to date a lady named Bea. One Sunday, Homer decides to take Grampa out to have fun, but while out Bea passes away. Grampa is inherited $106,000 dollars, but he can't forgive Homer or be happy with the money he has been received.

Overall, this episode is a little bit on the sad side. It still has some good jokes and some cool pop culture references regarding Star Wars and Batman. I rate this episode 9/10.
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