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"The Simpsons" Lisa's Wedding (1995)

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The Simpson family is attending the local Renaissance fair. While Bart and Maggie accompany Marge, Lisa accompanies Homer until she is sidetracked by a small show showing strange and exotic beasts. When a rabbit in the exhibit hops off, Lisa chases after it into the nearby woods, where she encounters a fortune teller. Lisa claims she doesn't believe in fortune-telling, but the woman explains perfectly what the other members of her family would be doing, and Lisa gives in. Using her cards, the fortune teller claims to have information about Lisa's first true love.

The fortune teller than tells Lisa of a future where she attends college, and finds herself being thwarted at every turn by a handsome young man. After beating her to a water fountain, the young man takes the last soy pop ("now with gag-suppressant"), gets to the elevator before she does, and checks out the last copy of a book that Lisa needs.

Lisa chastises the young man, and they put their intellect to the test, trying to speed-read through the book. It is after this incident that they suddenly find that they love each other. Lisa soon grows infatuated with Hugh Parkfield, and goes to England to visit his family. It is here that in a private setting, Hugh proposes to Lisa.

Lisa then calls Marge, who also relays the news to other members of the family. Per Marge's promise to Lisa many years ago, she is determined that Homer will not ruin the wedding.

Lisa then takes Hugh to meet her family, but is incredibly nervous that they will something upsetting. No sooner have they arrived when Homer and Bart's attempt to raise the British flag catches fire due to a bug-zapper, and compost is thrown on the flag to put it out.

Bart and Homer then take Hugh to Moe's, where Homer tells Hugh how his Dad gave him a pair of cufflinks when he and Marge were married, and he wishes Hugh to wear them. Hugh is at first honored, until he notices that the cuffs are a pig-shaped bride and groom. Lisa apologizes for what her family is putting Hugh through, but he claims he is enjoying himself...even though he has begun to have second thoughts about marrying Lisa.

On the day of the wedding, Homer comes to Lisa and verbally expresses how proud he is of her. It is then that Lisa notices the cufflinks that Homer is wearing. Homer claims that Hugh didn't take them, and tells her not to worry. But Lisa takes the cufflinks to Hugh and asks for him to wear them.

Hugh explains that he feels the ordeal has been 'quite trying,' but tells Lisa that once they are married, he intends to take her to England where they won't see her family again. Lisa is distraught at this, and Hugh says that she complains about them as much as anyone. "Maybe, but I still love them," says Lisa, giving Hugh back his ring.

The wedding is called off, and as the vision fades, the fortune teller explains to Lisa that Hugh eventually returns to England, and she never sees him again. Lisa asks if there is any way to prevent this from happening, but the fortune teller says no, and to try and act surprised.

"I thought you said you would tell me about my true love," says Lisa.

"Oh you'll have a true love," the woman responds, "but I specialize in relationships where you get pushed around."

Lisa then recovers the missing rabbit from the creature tent and returns it, as Homer comes up and relays how he ate 5 pounds of fudge. Lisa is pleased to see Homer, and eagerly listens into his adventures while she was on her own.


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