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Grampa realizes how little time he has left, so he decides to give his family his inheritance. Homer decides to take his silver coins to the mall and spend them. Lisa buys a talking Malibu Stacy doll and is deeply offended when she hears the things it has to say. Appalled by the insult, she decides to protest, but the family has found her constant protests to be tiresome and sanctimonious. The Malibu Stacy company ignores her complaints, but then after asking Mr. Smithers, a noted Malibu Stacy aficionado, what happened to the doll's creator, Stacy Lavelle, she tracks her down to Recluse Ranch Estates. She persuades Stacy to create a doll with a more positive female image: Lisa Lionheart. The doll has little girls (and Smithers) excited, but then the Malibu Stacy company counterattacks by launching a new version of that doll, with a new hat. Meanwhile, Grampa decides to act young (like the rock-and-roll-addicted seniors in a Buzz Cola ad) and gets a job at a fast food restaurant.
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