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"Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" is awesomeness. It shows how companies easily continue to dominate the general public with collectible merchandise.
Zarbon7 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very good episode... it revolves around the deception of collectible items and various toys having a degrading influence on children and collectors in general. A Malibu Stacy doll falls under Lisa's grasp and she begins to despise its purpose and message to children. It generally provokes females to be looked upon as a degraded sexual object with wildly funny comments. Of course, this is fine with most girls as they enjoy duplicating this image... but it's not fine with Lisa... who proceeds to try and track down the creator of the Malibu Stacy line of figurines. First, she visits Waylon Smithers, the number one collector of Malibu Stacy dolls. He has a tremendously huge collection of the dolls... and a very nice sexual background of Mr. Burns on his home computer (but that's just some awesome trivia)... anyway... Smithers tells Lisa about the company's real Malibu Stacy... Stacy Lovelle... whom Lisa goes to meet. She eventually convinces Lovelle to fund a new figurine called the Lisa Lionheart doll which happens to reveal a more intellectual message to children rather than simply being a sex object. However, the doll primarily fails due to popular demand of the ever-popular Malibu Stacy line of figures... for which Smithers (along with lots of young girls) run to acquire upon their release. The episode is awesomeness. My all-time favorite character Smithers plays a huge role here... and the overall story is well-written. It portrays how companies easily deceive the general public... and will always continue to do so. Very solid plot.
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"Don't ask me, I'm just a girl. Heehee, heehee"
richspenc18 August 2017
This classic Simpsons ep is great. The Lisa/Malibu Stacy part is really good, so is the Grampa part. The Lisa part's another of the typical righteous Lisa stories, but it has some pretty funny jokes thrown in such as Smithers being revealed to have the biggest Malibu Stacy collection, and the very funny joke of Smithers' screen when his computer's turned on with naked Mr. Burns' "Hello Smithers, you're quite good at turning me on". Smithers to Lisa: "you should probably just ignore that". Hilarious.

I also liked the senior Malibu Stacy inventor, who's become a hermit (and kept a kid's frisbee on her roof for 9 years), but still has a sweet side to her nature and really cares for Lisa's concerns about Malibu Stacy encouraging air- headed flimflam. That includes the following saying "Dont ask me, I'm just a girl. Heehee heehee", and the doll repeating Marge's "helpful" advice to Lisa's righteous concerns about Malibu Stacy by saying "let's forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry icecream. Heehee heehee". The company executives at the Malibu Stacy factory were not real understanding to Lisa's concerns, and I found amusing the funny film strip about the doll and repeating Lisa's doll's comment "Don't ask me, I'm just a girl. Heehee heehee", and the filmstrip narrator saying " hehe, she sure is". Then, also funny, one of the executives right in front of Marge and Lisa telling a female co worker "hey Jiggles, grab a pen and march that butt on in here" Female worker: "oh, get away, heehee" Executive: "ah, don't act like you don't like it", then female worker shutting door with her butt. Marge also reveals that Lisa did the same type of righteous complaining at the Keebler company and threw paint on the executives there. Lol. I wonder what Lisa's righteous problem was with the Keebler stuff? And Lisa's righteousness also got Bart's picture in the paper at the gay right's parade (for added laughs, under the gay rights parade article with Bart's picture, they should've added another headline saying "local boy gets beat up after parade", because Bart got beat up by Jimbo and Nelson after marching in the gay rights parade. I just made that up).

The Grampa parts were hilarious. Grandpa's rant during the family trip to the mall including Grampa saying "on Thanksgiving, we had a turkey, which we used to call a 'walking bird', and we with it we had all the trimmings, cranberries, gravy, and yams stuffed with gunpowder". And on ride home Grampa rattling on "I'm thirsty. Ohh, what smells like mustard? There sure a lot of ugly people in your neighborhood. Ohh, my glaucoma just got worse. The president's a demmycrat", so funny the way those random comments were all said one after another without giving anyone a second to respond. Grandpa's always been good at that. Other funny moments with Grampa were everyone avoiding him, Homer tripping over the phone trying to sneak behind him unseen, Grampa asking Homer "does my withered old face remind everyone of the reaper of death?" Homer: Yes, and there's more. You're my dad and I love you, but you're a weird, sore headed old cook and no one likes ya". Then Grampa getting a job, us seeing just Grampa with headphones and speaker on: "mayday, mayday, come in, please repeat yourself", then it being revealed an irritated guy at drive through at Krusty Burger: "I said I want French fries!" Then Grampa calling his 20 year old boss "old man Peterson" and saying as soon as he leaves "now we can slack off", but no one else listening. Then Grampa losing his false teeth to someone's burger and them repeating what Grampa said before losing his teeth to the burger " hey! This sandwich took a bite outta me!". It was all a funny episode.
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