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Perhaps the best sub-plot in the entire series
glorious-110 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode took place on 2 different places: India (which Homer mistakes for Indiana and to some extent Illinois) and back in Springfield. While Homer is running a nuclear plant in Springfield and begins to believe he is a god, Richard Dean Anderson, aka MacGyver and Major General Jack O'Neill (from Stargate SG-1) accidentally runs into a MacGyver convention run by Patty and Selma. After being kidnapped by the MacGyver crazed sisters, Richard Dean Anderson escapes his bindings through MacGyver-like means. So impressed with his experience, he returns to tell Patty and Selma to "do it again". After having Richard Dean Anderson escape several times, the sisters devise a plan to rid themselves of the annoying actor.

Richard Dean Anderson has been a fan of the Simpsons for years and the episode portrays his enthusiasm. The performance was well worth the wait.
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Nutshell ;This is perfect episode for out of US
sinan5056316 August 2011
You might say why this episode is excellent? If you r living in third national like India,They show outside of US and they didn't kidding with that country.I mean Im Turk When I've seen episode in Rio i was upset about it.I think this is the episode about chancing in looking view of 3rd nation.

Also Richard Dean Anderson played in that episode.Im fan of Sg-1 and sci-fi.I think he changed sci-fi he gave it humour.i think he gave inspiration to Big bang theory(Sci-fi fans in comedy series).

All in All, I mean that episode may not be funniest episode in Simpson's but it is about changing mentality also it has a great guest.
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