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The only episode where Professor Frink's eyeballs are visible through his thick glasses.
The very first Simpsons episode to be rated 12 by the BBFC.
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Homer throwing the Buzz Cola mixed with Pop Rox grenade and running away in slow motion, has the same camera angle as "Demoliton Man".
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

These are the 'corrections' made by the network when they scroll by too fast to be visible. Note that although Bart points at the screen and says "Look Dad, there's you!" there is no actual mention of Homer's innocence: "People's Choice Award" is America's greatest honor. Styrofoam is not made from kittens. The UFO was a paper plate. The nerds on the internet are not geeks. The word "cheese" is not funny in and of itself. The older Flanders boy is Todd, not Rod. Lyndon Johnson did not provide the voice of Yosemite Sam. If you are reading this, you have no life. Roy Rogers was not buried inside his horse. The other UFO was an upside-down salad spinner. Our universities are not "hotbeds" of anything. Mr. Dershowitz did not literally have four eyes. Our viewers are not pathetic sexless food tubes. Audrey Hepburn never weighed 400 pounds. The Cheers (1982) gang is not a real gang. Salt water does not "chase the thirsties away". Licking an electrical outlet will not turn you into a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Cats do not eventually turn into dogs. Bullets do not bounce off of fat guys. Recycling does not deplete the ozone. Everything is 10% fruit juice. The flesh eating virus does not hide in ice cream. Janet Reno is evil. V8 juice is not 1/8 gasoline. Ted Koppel is a robot. Women aren't from Venus, and men aren't from Mars. Fleiss does floss. Quayle is familiar with common bathroom procedures. Bart is bad to the bone. Godfrey Jones' wife is cheating on him. The Beatles haven't reunited to enter kickboxing competitions. The "bug" on your TV screen can see into your home. Everyone on TV is better than you. The people writing this have no life.

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