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James: Uh, I've been talking to some people, this is a kind of weird icebreaker, but...how many people have you slept with? Like, lifetime.

Lauren: [Long pause] I dunno, how big's your penis? You know that's something I wouldn't ask you because uh, it's inappropriate.

James: Yeah.

Lauren: But I guess if I wanted to know the answer to that question I could ask your wife.

James: You could.

Lauren: Is that a real ring on your finger or is it just like a hoax?

James: No, it's a real ring.

Lauren: Oh, ok, so you're married

James: Yeah.

Lauren: And you're flirting with me.

James: Yeah well I'm recently married, so I didn't think that...

Lauren: [Sarcastically] Oh recently married!

James: Right.

Lauren: Oh well then forget I said anything!

James: You were flirting with me so I just thought, well I'll flirt back to get to know this person.

Lauren: That's so sweet of you. That's so kind and generous.

James: I wasn't trying to get you into bed or anything. The idea Lauren...

Lauren: Right. You seem like a really great guy.

James: I am a really great guy...

Lauren: That's so generous of you.

James: And you seem very observant to have picked up on that.

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