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Dominoes Falling (#2.13)
ComedyFan201011 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A pretty good finale! A lot happened.

I can't believe Danni is fired. I should have thought so because of the Armadillo case. I still feel we will get to see more from her. Maybe Vic will end up helping her as he knows that it wasn't her who missed the knife.

Acevada won the election! I guess this will end up in us still having him as a character and see Claudette in the leader role. I think I will love it in the next season.

Julien being attacked for being gay will definitely be a story in the next season. I hope to see those horrible cops pay for it a lot. Since Danni told Acevada about those problems they might be screwed.

Weirdly enough the story with the money train didn't get me too attached to it. But at the same time it was big and I look forward to the consequences.
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Greatest Season Finale EVER!
pdlamont14 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While I was always a fan of The Shield, this episode made me a super fan. The amazing last 3 minutes all playing to "Overcome" by Live gets me every time I watch it.

Danni at the firing range all alone pregnant with Vic's kid, Acevedo wins his election, Dutch looking baffled at the apparent hit on the money train and last the scene of all scenes with our 4 main characters in an emptied abandoned pool with all of the money piled up. Vic (Chiklis) facial expression goes from elated to overcome in a matter of moments as the camera pans through Ronnie, Shane & Lemansky who have been there long enough to realize the true gravity of what they have done.

Truly a masterpiece of television work! It was the longest wait from this ender to the season premier. Brilliant stories, brilliant directing, brilliant acting on all fronts! You are truly sucked into these characters and may even side with the bad guys!
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