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Child-Like Sight & Sound Wonder That Is Still Rather Cool
StuOz4 April 2014
A couple of student film-makers run into problems with other young people. Marvel and Isis are required to resolve the problems.

The final episode of Shazam is one of the best! All the elements that make this show so good come into being. The action/disaster ending is perhaps one of the very best moments of the whole series and this footage is covered with really cool sounding energy-charged music playing over it. The music is a real taste of the 1970s.

One scene where Marvel prevents a moving van from leaving the scene might get a laugh from some. Marvel just seems to use a too complicated method of stopping a little van.

The child actor guest stars all do a fine job and the lad playing "Jim" is in fact Andrew Stevens. Steven would later get a role in the 1980s supersoap: Dallas.

And so Shazam ends after just 28 short episodes. The series was very hard to get for decades but a recent DVD release means that Shazam is being discovered or re-discovered all over again.

I loved the endless fight scenes in the Adam West Batman series, but Shazam proved you can do a superhero series without fights, blood and guts. As another reviewer once said, there is a "very positive" feeling about this series, and what more can you want from television?
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