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Women Treating Men As Objects
Desertman843 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Getting over Mr. Big, Carrie makes a date with a special friend, and tries to make it a fuller relationship. Samantha has an interesting time with the couple next door until reality strikes. After Charlotte summons the courage to ask men for dates, she gets carried away and starts to double book. Miranda dates a man who she thinks is highly-strung, but is really just unpleasant.

After a previous episode wherein we get see how men treat women as object,this one shows the opposite.Is there must be some possibility of a relationship when the sex is great? Carrie shows us that this isn't always the case.We get to realize that using other people as objects is not worth it.Aside from that,we get to see humor from Samantha.LOL And also,we get to see Charlotte to have the courage to ask men for dates.In it,we get to realize that asking for one is worth it at all.Finally,we get to see how Miranda realizes that any unpleasant person isn't worth one's time.This episode is well-written, the acting is great, and the story lines are among four women is entertaining!
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The one where Samantha is motivated to pleasure herself by the sounds and actions of her neighbors!
Danny Blankenship20 May 2008
This "SATC" episode from season 2 which is rightfully and raunchily titled "The F--- Buddy" is a lesson that goes to show using someone for sex just doesn't work into a meaningful relationship! Here we see the gal pals playing the field just trying to prove that it seems they are just dating the same people over and over again. So each decide to spice it up with new excitement as Carrie just fresh from a break up with Mr. Big tries to make an honest way of love with an old buddy yet it proves just to be for sex. Charlotte messes up by over-booking dates, and Miranda dumps her angry attorney boyfriend proving even if sex is good if you don't have nothing in common it doesn't work. And finally in Samantha's cozy apartment she overhears her neighbors love making sounds and moans thru her wall and this motivates Samantha to pleasure herself! Now she considers engaging in a threesome with them, but once she views the couple her mind changes. This proves you can't get satisfaction off of other peoples pleasures. Very memorable also is the scene of Kim Cattrall's Samantha lying on her bed listening to the love making sounds thru her wall in that sexy and silk flowered orange colored bra. Overall good episode that proves the lesson that using a buddy just for sex and pleasure usually ends because if nothing is found to be in common it's hopeless to lead to any love or satisfaction.
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