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A perfect ending to a perfect series

Author: Divine_Goddess from The Arms of Unconsciousness
9 June 2006

It's was a bittersweet experience to see the end of a series that played a pivotal part in our culture. I wouldn't be surprised if this show wouldn't be in the history books of children a few decades from now. Women and men, whether they were single, married, divorced, gay, straight, bi, young, middle-aged, old.... all could identify with these four women and the situations they face. True, they are dramatized and it isn't real life, but we all can see intimate links of our lives with the show. A work of brilliance that would never ever be replaced. On this night women allover tuned into HBO...sipping their cosmopolitans.. gathering their friends... toasting Sex and the City, for the best six years of their lives.

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You Got to Love

Author: nycritic
8 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For a series that began so quirky and with self-contained episodes that dealt with the sexual peccadilloes of four successful, single Manhattanites living in a decadent New York City, and then evolved into a cartoon of itself around the ending of Season Four and all throughout Season Five, Season Six had it mature considerably. Gone was the outrageousness that had characterized many of its story lines. Even the comedy seemed strained, but that only made it more intriguing, because it was already known that it was on its way towards the end. Even when from episode to episode (during the first part of the Sixth Season) events were taking place a little too quickly, it served as a prologue for the more heavy themes the series would handle towards its climax.

In this episode, all the plot threads were resolved in a satisfactory way. All of the women had grown up to become real people and not posters for female glamour gone rampant. Charlotte and Harry Goldenblatt finally were able to get their adopted child after a trying phase (and Kristen Davis' expression as she sees the picture of what will be their child is a beauty of self-restraint and overflowing emotion), Miranda dealt with her mother in law's illness (and momentary disappearance from their house) in a masterful sequence that alternated from day to night as Mr. Big was on the search for Carrie in Paris to the beat of the French rap song "Le Belle et le Bad Boy." (That sequence alone is a staple of romantic suspense taken to its extreme.) But by far, and even though she gets less screen time, Kim Cattrall has the most complex scenes in the entire episode which in fact make her character's evolution from power-slut to a woman in love battling breast cancer and her own mortality more poignant. She has, by far, one of the most emotional scenes in the episode, when she tells Smith "You have meant more to me than any man I have ever known."

All in all it's a beautiful, transcendent ending, one that is satisfactory in every possible way down to the scene with the four women walking side-by-side, and the one where Chris Noth closed the series with his signature line.

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The Surprising Conclusion Of Sex And The City

Author: Desertman84 from United States
7 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Carrie has an awkward meal with Petrovsky's ex-wife and begins to wonder if she can ever live up to his ex. On the streets, Carrie meets some of her fans who want to throw her a party. In New York, Samantha drives Smith away when her sex drive begins to fade, but Smith lets Samantha know that he has strong feelings for her, even when she has no sex drive. Charlotte and Harry finally receive good news about their adoption. Steve and Miranda agree to let his mother live with them after she has a stroke. Back in Paris, Petrovsky ends up slapping Carrie during a fight, and runs into Big, who is there to help her pick up the pieces.And we finally get to know Mr Big's name - John Preston.

This provides a perfect ending to Sex And The City.We see Carrie end up with Mr Big - the man she truly loved.Also,we see her with a great and successful career as a writer.In addition to that,we see Charlotte and Harry adopt a baby to finally fulfill Charlotte's dream of a family and a child.We feel only happiness for her considering the many sacrifices she did to obtain her desires and dreams.With Miranda's case,we also feel happy for her as she ends up with Steve,the man she truly loved.And that provides a lot of satisfaction to Brady for her parents are getting back at each others' arms.Finally,we get to see Samantha grow into a better person for in the end,she finally treated men not only as sex objects or instruments to fulfill her sexual desires and needs but also for companionship.Great show.It will always be one of the best.

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Great Finale!

Author: martinandersson_3 from Sweden
18 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A great end of Sex and the City! I always loved the show because it was so funny, charming and romantic! I loved the actresses and all hilarious things they said. The last episode starts on a restaurant in France. Carrie meets Alexandr's ex wife. They wait for Alex, but he calls and says that he can't be there. The ex wife tells about how Alex always used the words "as soon as" in their relationship. And Carrie realizes how lonely she is. What about Mr. Big then? The girls in New York old him to go get Carrie. Great episode. Too bad the show s over. I really enjoyed it. I wonder what the new show is like, "Related". The commercial says "from the creators of Sex and the City". But the actresses even have the same haircuts like the ladies in "..the city".

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