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Harry Ogden, an escaped prisoner from San Quentin prison, California, leads St. Preston on a chase through the Yukon, shooting and wounding another Mountie along the way. He is looking for a fellow conspirator involved in a robbery who he believes absconded with the money. The trail leads to a respectable couple living in the wild trying to escape their disreputable past. When he finds them, they offer him a thousand dollars which is their life savings. They claim that there was no robbery and no loot. Preston is wounded in a fight. The doctor risks discovery to save Preston. Ogden doubles back to see if he killed Preston. He is fooled into entering the cabin when the Godfrey's dump a knapsack stuffed with rags resembling a body. Ogden is captured after king overpowers and disarms him. A telegram arrives proving the doctor is innocent which allows him to practice medicine again.


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