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  • After dinner, Jerry gets his car back from the valet. He and Elaine get in the car and realize that the valet has really bad B.O.. Jerry goes to great lengths to get the smell out of his car while Elaine goes to great lengths to get the smell out of her hair. Jerry soon realizes that the smell isn't just a mere odor, but an entity unto itself, and finally decides that he has to get rid of his car. Meanwhile, George gets reacquainted with Susan and discovers that he drove her to lesbianism, and Kramer dates Susan's girlfriend.

  • Jerry is appalled at the smell in his car. He thinks it's the restaurant valet parking that's responsible but no matter what he tries, he can't get rid of it. Worst of all, the smell has attached itself to him and to Elaine who rode in the car with him. Now others are starting to make comments on their personal hygiene. George runs into into his old girlfriend Susan in the video store. She holding hands with her new girlfriend. It immediately makes her more attractive to him though he's convinced that he's driven her to becoming a lesbian. Kramer however seems to have little trouble getting it on with the girlfriend however.


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  • Jerry and Elaine go out to dinner at a restaurant with valet parking. However, upon leaving, they find that the valet's B.O. (aka Body Odor) has stunk up the car! This soon causes further problems when the odor still will not leave Jerry's car, and also seems to have clung to Elaine's hair!

    George meanwhile, has found out that his former girlfriend Susan has now become part of a Lesbian relationship. This new piece of information soon makes George more attracted to her.

    Jerry has his car cleaned, and Elaine goes to a salon to have her hair washed. However, both treatments do nothing to remove the odor.

    Jerry even attempts to sell the car, but after being inside, the dealer he attempts to sell it to refuses to take it.

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