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Elaine Benes: [Thinking to herself while she can hear Jerry saying, "He's depending on you" and Jean-Paul saying, "She is my friend"] Ohhh, I'm exhausted. I've been on this street a thousand times! It's never looked so strange! The faces... so cold! In the distance, a child is crying. Fatherless... a bastard child, perhaps. My back aches... my heart aches... but my feet

[stops to look at her feet]

Elaine Benes: ... my feet are resilient!

[a big smile grows in her face, as she thinks... ]

Elaine Benes: Thank God I took off my heels, and put on my... HIMALAYAN WALKING SHOES!

[lifting her arms up in the air, in ecstasy, as she says... ]

Elaine Benes: Yes!

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