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"I'm gonna sew his ass to his face!"
Max_cinefilo899 December 2008
Once again, it is shown beyond any doubt that the characters who inhabit the Seinfeld universe don't think in conventional terms when it comes to right or wrong. In fact, they're as morally flexible as comedy protagonists come.

The Good Samaritan originates from the far-out idea of Jerry witnessing a hit-and-run. Nothing wrong so far, right? Yeah, except Jerry doesn't report the incident, but starts dating the wrongful driver instead, on the grounds that she is very good-looking. Then he meets the victim and realizes he'd rather date her (go figure). Meanwhile, Kramer starts having seizures whenever he hears Mary Hart's voice, and Elaine gets in trouble when it turns out George is having an affair with her married friend.

The plotting is, as usual, utterly absurd, but then Seinfeld never aspired to be a piece of social realism. Jerry's interactions with the two women (one of whom is played by Melinda McGraw, who would later be Scully's sister on The X-Files) are outrageously fantastic, as is the George storyline, but the biggest laughs are all due to Michael Richards' amazing physical work in the seizure scenes. It's the kind of stuff Emmys were created for (and he won one for Season 3, fittingly enough).
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The Good Samaritan is a terrific little episode, that's quite hilarious, and the ending is really well done!
callanvass21 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(Plot). Jerry starts dating a beautiful hit and run driver, then is torn when he meets the victim and realizes He'd rather date her. Mary Hart's voice causes Kramer to have convulsions. George has an affair with Elaine's married friend.

The Good Samaritan is a terrific little episode, that's quite hilarious, and the ending is really well done!. Kramer's seizure attacks were hilarious, as he was so OTT with them, and I thought Jerry was hilarious when he made up that story about confronting the hit and run driver, plus it's extremely well written by Peter Mehlman and directed by Jason Alexander. Jerry's stand up's were very funny as usual, and the whole god bless you incident always makes me laugh as well, plus it's very well made as well. I also found it hilarious when Jerry backed off when Angela(Melinda McGraw) threatened Jerry if he said anything about her hitting the car, and Elaine's story about her fake bull fighter boyfriend Eduardo Carocio was also very funny, plus Helen Slater was great as Beckey. The Good Samaritan is a terrific little episode, that's quite hilarious, and the ending is really well done, and I say go see it now Seinfeld fans if you Haven't!. ***** out of 5 Favorite quotes.

(Elaine asking about the hit and run). Elaine: So what happened?. Jerry: With what?. Elaine: With the car. Jerry: What car?. Elaine: The hit and run!. Jerry: Oh, right, right, right,right, well actually the guy went into Queens. Elaine: Queens?!, you followed him over the bridge?. Jerry: Over the bridge!. George: I uh.. didn't know you went into queens Jerry. Jerry: Yeah Queens. Elaine: So then what?. Jerry: So then he gets out of the car, and I said, "Hey buddy! I saw you hit that car"!, so he says to me what are you gonna do about it?, so I said whatever's necessary. Elaine: I am speechless I am without speech. George: Tell her about the shoving. Jerry: What?. Elaine: What shoving?. Jerry: Oh it was nothing. George: NO!, tell her!. Elaine: Come on tell me. Jerry: Well he kind of lost his temper,and he was pushing me up against the car, so I went into a karate stance. Elaine: You know Karate. Jerry: I know a little. Elaine: Well this is so amazing to me Jerry, what did he do?. Jerry: He backed off it was pretty pathetic actually.

*Robin sneezing*. George: God bless you. Robin: Thank you. George: I wasn't gonna say anything but then I could see he wasn't gonna open his mouth.

Angela: You know Who's a good actor?, Anthony Quinn. Jerry: Oh Anthony Quinn, fine actor, but from what I understand not a very good driver, hits everything on the road. but always leaves a note.

Angela: Did you say Zorba The Greek?. Jerry: Excellent film, in fact Quinn said he never felt so good as when he left a note after smacking a car!.

*phone ringing*. Elaine: Hello?. Michael: Hi It's Michael, is Robin there?. Elaine: Robin?, no why?. Michael: Uh she said she was gonna be with you. Elaine: No I Haven't spoken to her all Da...right as a matter of fact sh...she was here and she left a note, but I Wasn't here, I have the note right here. Michael: Well if She's not with you then where is she?. Elaine: Well I don't know. Michael: Is she with your bald friend from the other night?!. Elaine: no!, come on Michael!. Michael: He's finished!, I'm gonna sew his ass to his face!, I'm gonna twist his neck so hard his lips will be his eyebrows!, I'm gonna break his joints and reattach them. Elaine: Your so good looking!.
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adultery is funny????
ahmad aaa30 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
i know that the jokes and funny moment of this show is good but at what cost? showing that the adulterous woman and George are not blamed or seeing any result for their actions and making it look funny is disgusting and making the husband the one to blame and showing that he is maniac , is a Hollywood cliché. even if the husband is bad , why don't get a divorce ? why having an affair???? and Elain and Jerry continue to be friend with George???? is this what a friend means? supporting and covering for you friends even when they do such terrible thing??? i hope morality to be taken more seriously in shows and movies although it seems a false hope
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