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Another ninth season absurdist gem
Vito C.15 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Like all the episodes from the final season of Seinfeld, "The Dealership" features several very thin premises, semi-believable characters, and absolutely hilarious moments. The primary plot about Jerry buying a car and Elaine's relationship with Puddy are fairly bland, relying mostly on fairly typical jokes about car dealers and the Elaine/Puddy dynamic.

But the other two plots are dazzling. George becomes obsessed with proving that a mechanic stole his candy bar and his increasingly frantic encounters with the disinterested staff, culminating in the "candy lineup" is not necessarily believable, but is quite funny. They've made vending machines more efficient, but it's still very much a tale most of us can relate to.

Kramer's story is by far the best, thanks in large part to the brilliant dialog. This exchange might be one of my favorites of the entire series. RICK: Oh, Mr. Kramer, I gotta thank you. I - I learned a lot. Things are gonna be different for me now. KRAMER: Well, that's a weird thing to say.

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Thelma & Louise.
Sirus_the_Virus10 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Plot: Jerry wants to buy a car from Puddy. He's not a mechanic anymore. Now he is a car salesman. Jerry is supposed to be getting a deal. But when Elaine and Puddy break up yet again because of a high five he keeps doing, Jerry has to get them back together. Geroge is accusing a worker at the dealership of stealing a Twix bar. Kramer and an employee take a test drive in one of the cars, and drive until the gas runs out.

This is yet another episode with Puddy. Puddy is such a funny character though he is an idiot. I think that this is yet another great episode of Seinfeld. I think that what Kramer and George do is stupid but funny. George goes out of his way to prove that he stole the Twix. Kramer drives for hours and hours. Both very dumb ideas. But e have fun watching.
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Worst episode (except for "The Finale" of course) in Seinfeld's best season
kickacan15 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The 9th and final season of Seinfeld is probably the best, but besides the terrible "Finale" and the "Chronicle" (clip show, doesn't really count) this is the worst episode of the season.

Another reviewer was incorrect in his score of ten stars, but was correct about the funny Kramer subplot and the dialogue exchange with the salesman. The other subplots seemed desperate and fell flat.

Something must have gone wrong that week. The gags were bad, the delivery was bad, and the supporting characters were bad. Except for Kramer, the main characters were way off their game, especially George, acting manic like someone going through a breakdown rather than a comedian being funny and entertaining.
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