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"This" is very good
Max_cinefilo8929 January 2008
Technically, this is the last episode of Season Two (and listed as such on the DVD), but with NBC running the last four shows in the wrong order, the "finale" made no reference to the pivotal events of The Deal, which was the perfect ending for the season (in fact, Larry David had envisioned it as the end of the series, fearing Seinfeld wouldn't live past its second year - how wrong he was!).

The whole idea is based on the network's request that Jerry and Elaine get back together. Larry was against it but, fearing cancellation, he eventually relented and decided to use one of his personal experiences (he says so in the DVD interviews) for the storyline: after seeing an adult channel on TV (a random event that also spawns some priceless input from George), the former couple ponders whether to resume their relationship. Following some serious discussion, they strike a "deal": they will mix "this" (their friendship) and "that" (sex), meaning they can sleep together but not become romantically involved. No phone calls, no cuddling - just emotionless sex. Needless to say, this will cause problems.

One of the show's most unlikely set-ups becomes one of its best moments: The whole conversation about "this" and "that" is one of Larry David's finest achievements as a screenwriter (surpassed only by the "Master of your domain" jokes in Season Four), as is the unusually sweet epilogue, which some might find too moving for a show that made its lack of sentiment something to wear with pride. But maybe that's the point: ending it any other way would have been predictable by Seinfeld's standards, so an old-fashioned, heartfelt conclusion turns out to be the boldest narrative choice of the entire episode. It's also funny as hell.

If a complaint has to be made, it's regarding the fact that The Deal's events didn't affect the third season in terms of continuity. Oh, wait, hang on: continuity and Seinfeld? Forget what I just said: this is a comedy classic from start to finish - don't miss it for anything in the world.
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The Deal is a top notch episode, that's really funny, as the story in it is one of my favorites!
callanvass4 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*plot*. This time around, Jerry and Elaine discover a naked channel while flipping through the TV, and come up with a set of rules to have sex, without falling into the relationship traps.

The Deal is a top notch episode, that's really funny, as the story in it is one of my favorites!. Jerry and Elaine have some very memorable scenes together here, and I really liked how this one ended, plus it's very well made, and written by Larry David. Tom Cherones does another perfect job of directing, and the opening stand up about how women try on clothes differently then men was very amusing, plus I think this could have been a cool idea to end Seinfeld, instead of the one they chose(even though I liked the ending they did). George's reaction when jerry tells him he slept with Elaine was hilarious, and I laughed out loud when Elaine finds out Kramer bought her the park bench for her birthday, plus this was actually supposed to be the final episode of Seinfeld, until they surprised them by giving them a season three. The Deal is a top notch episode, that's really funny, as the story in it is one of my favorites, and I say go see it now Seinfeld fans if you haven't!. ***** out of 5 Favorite quotes.

*opening,the look*. Elaine: What?. Jerry: What?. Elaine: What was that look?. Jerry: What look?. Elaine: The look you just gave me?. Jerry: I gave a look?. Elaine: Yes. Jerry: What kind of a look?. Elaine: I know that look. Jerry: Well what was it?. Elaine: Why should I tell you?. Jerry: Well your the big look expert, I wanna see how smart you are. Elaine: Trust me I know the look.

Elaine: You got something on your mind?. Jerry: No, things pop into your head, you?. Elaine: Things occur to me from time to time. Jerry: Yeah me too. Jerry: Well you can't expect to forget the past completely. Elaine: Well no of course not. Jerry: I mean it's something we did, probably about what 25 times. Elaine: 37.

Jerry: So how's the job situation going?. George: Still looking, pretty bad out there, what about you?. Jerry: Not much, I slept with Elaine last night. George: Oxygen, I need some oxygen.

George: See that's why I don't have cable, because of the naked station, If i had that in my house, I would never turn it of, I wouldn't sleep, I wouldn't eat, eventually Firemen, would have to break through my door, They'd find me there in my pajama's with drool coming down my face.

George: What about a music box?. Jerry: Nah to Realtionshipy. George: OK what about a nice frame?, with a picture of another guy on it, the frame says I care for you, but if you want to get serious, perhaps You'd be interested in someone like this. Jerry: Nice looking fellow. George: What about candle holders. Jerry: Too romantic. George: Lingerie. Jerry: Too sexual. George: Waffle maker?. Jerry: Too domestic. George: Bust of Nelson Rockenfeller?. Jerry: Too gubernatorial.
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No double benefits
jamariana29 July 2017
(1) How much do I like this episode? 4/5. (2) Directing: 3/3. (3) Editing: 2/3. (4) Plot/Story: 4/5. (5) Dialogue: 2/3. (6) Memorability/Uniqueness: 2/3. (7) Quality of characters: 2/2. (8) Acting: 4/5. (9) Cinematography: 3/4. (10) Style/Art Direction/Wardrobe/Make-up & Hair: 2/3. (11) Emotion/Experience of watching it/Comedy: 4/5. (12) Entertainment value: 3/4. (13) Overall quality: 4/5.

Overall rating: 39/50, which is 78% and so an 8/10.
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"No. You see? You got greedy"
juanmaffeo29 October 2016
The Deal is the perfect example of how the first two Seinfeld seasons operated: you got the clever stories, the clever dialogue, the sexual themes, the relatable situations and you also had the inconsistent tone and slow pace. The Deal is kind of a mixed bag (specially taking into consideration the heights the show would reach).

Larry David and Tom Cherones manage to break more new ground in the first five minutes than most shows do in their entire run. They simultaneously changed what was appropriate for TV (at least to that date) and made as perfect as a set up could be. Along with The Chinese Restaurant, in season 2 Seinfeld took two giant steps that changed their status from wannabe show to innovating series. Seriously, the opening conversation between Jerry and Elaine was so beyond its time that it was almost to much for them to handle and you see that in the progression of the episode. After that opening scene we get maybe an even better conversation between Jerry and George that paved the way to many of these characters' conversations.

But of course, just like the majority of season 2 (except for The Chinese Restaurant) the uneven choices in tone get in the way. Suddenly the plot changes from irreverent relationship commentary to soup opera melodrama and it just doesn't click. It is most shocking having seen the whole series and one very concerned in avoiding these situations ("no hugging, no learning"). That phrase right there is betrayed several times, at times even in a literal way (2 hugs and a closing lesson).

So yeah, overall The Deal is an episode that broke new ground but one Seinfeld wasn't quite sure what direction to take to.
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