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"You're a bad man!"
Max_cinefilo8916 September 2008
The Cafe is justifiably praised as one of the finest episodes of Seinfeld's third season, all because of two words: Babu Bhatt!

Babu (Brian George) is the owner of a café right across the street outside Jerry's apartment, and Jerry decides to take a look after observing the poor guy's lack of customers for days. Once he sets foot in the café, he makes friends with Babu and even throws in a little business tip: since Babu is from Pakistan, why not serve Pakistani food? As a matter of fact, this makes things even worse, and while Jerry struggles to keep his new acquaintance happy, George has a problem of his own, as his new girlfriend has asked him to take an IQ test and he's so afraid to look stupid (what a surprise) that he asks Elaine to help him cheat.

Bars, cafés and diners have always had an important role in American sitcoms: just think about Arnold's in Happy Days, Cheers in the eponymous comedy or, pots-Seinfeld, Central Perk in Friends. It shouldn't surprise, then, that the writers of the show decided to make fun of one of the very staples the genre is based on. That it works isn't just due to the witty lines or Kramer's flawless presence (by the way, The Cafe marks the first time the studio audience applauds when he makes his entrance); fundamentally, the episode's appeal boils down to Brian George's delightful portrayal of the progressively neurotic Babu, an exercise in mania that culminates in one of the program's many quotable catchphrases: "You're a bad man! Very, very bad!". To paraphrase him, this is an essential chapter of Seinfeld: very, very good.
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The Cafe is a fantastic episode, that's very, very funny, as I loved the character of Babu Bhatt!
callanvass16 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(Plot). A small failing restaurant brings out Jerry's sympathy, but when the owner, Babu Bhatt, takes his advice things go from bad to worse. Elaine helps George cheat on an IQ test but their caper backfires thanks to Kramer and his stolen jacket.

The Cafe is a fantastic episode, that's very, very funny, as I loved the character of Babu Bhatt!. One of the funniest scenes in this episode for me is when Kramer falls over his chair because of the hot steaming towel, and Jerry's stand up's were very funny in this one, plus it's very well written by Tom Leopold and directed by Tom Cherones. Brian George is absolutely hilarious as Babu Bhatt, and I thought the whole idea of George cheating on an IQ test and making Elaine do it was hilarious as well, plus it's extremely well made as well. The ending is hilarious, and I think this episode is really underrated as well, plus I loved Jerry's scenes when he's saying how great and kind he is in his head, as that was really funny. The Cafe is a fantastic episode, that's very, very funny, as I loved the character of Babu Bhatt!, and if you haven't seen it do so, if your a Seinfeld fan!. ***** out of 5 Favorite quotes.

(Jerry noticing no one going into Babu's place). Jerry: He's serving Mexican, Italian,Chinese, he's all over the place, that's why no one's going in. Elaine: Why do you keep watching?!. Jerry: I don't know I'm obsessed with it, it's like a Spider, in the toilet struggling for survival, and even though you know he's not gonna make it, you kinda root for him for a second. Elaine: Then you flush. Jerry: Well it's a spider.

Jerry: Cassus Belli!. Elaine: Cassus Belli!. George: What's that?. Elaine: Since when do you wear Cologne?. George: Why is what I do so important?, why must I always be the focal point of attention?, let me just be let me live!. Jerry: Hey, How'd you do on that IQ test?. George: I didn't take it yet. Elaine: What IQ test?. George: What's Cassus Belli?. Jerry: Oh it's nothing. George: Is it about me?. Jerry: Why must you always be the focal point of attention, why can't you just be?, why can't you live!.

Jerry(Talking to himself): Very kind, I am a very kind man, who else would do something like this?, nobody, nobody thinks about people the way I do. Alright snap out of it you stupid jerk, your eating a Turkey sandwich, what do you want a Nobel prize?.

Jerry:(Talking to himself) I am such a great guy, who else Would've gone to the trouble, to help this Immigrant?, I am special, my mother was right, of course Iv'e never had Pakistani food before, how bad could it be?.

George: Here you go. Monica: How'd you do?. George: Piece of cake. Moncia: What happened to the test?. George: What?, oh I spilled some food on it. Monica; Food?, what food?. George: What are you talking about?. Monica: Where did you get food?. George: From my pocket. Monica: Your pocket?. George: I had a sandwich in my pocket. Monica: And coffee?. George: Yeah some coffee yeah. Monica: Where did you get the coffee?. George: Where did I get the coffee?, where do you think I got the coffee?, I got the coffee at the grocery store. Monica: How did you get there?. George: I walked. Monica: How did you get out of the apartment?, I didn't see you leave. George: I climbed out the window. Monica: You climbed out the window?. George: Of course. Monica: Why didn't you go out the door?. George: The door?, why would I go out the door?, the window's right here. Monica: Your a fascinating man George Costanza.
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The way in which George lies to his girlfriend is in my opinion the stand out of this overall excellent episode
SLionsCricketreviews17 February 2018
I adore "The Cafe" and it is yet another episode of the third season that rides the show's newfound momentum very well. It is an excellent follow-up to "The Parking Garage" that returns the show to a more familiar narrative with multiple storylines that intertwine both effortlessly and quite naturally and it's also an episode where all its constituent parts are highly entertaining.

Probably the thing "The Cafe" is best known for is the introduction of the beloved character of Babu Bhatt, superbly played by Brian George, and while the entire Babu storyline is entertaining and very well done, my favourite aspect of this episode has always been George.

Yes, Brian George is hilarious and his transition from a restauranteur who is amicable to one who is cynical, frustrated and cold is hilarious (I especially adore how he just carelessly draws out a seat for Jerry during his second visit inside the restaurant) and Michael Richards shows some of his ability for physical comedy but I have always been very much a fan of George Costanza here in this episode. He opts to cheat on an IQ test, embarrassed about his lack of intelligence, even when the girl he's dating (whom he is doing this for as a favour to her) could not be less concerned about IQ tests. If the idea of George using Elaine to cheat on an IQ test to impress his girlfriend isn't funny enough, the direction it takes when the plan does not smoothly follow through is hilarious. The scene in which he continuously lies, almost in a pathological manner, to his girlfriend after he returns the paper (drenched in coffee, sandwich stains) is absolutely genius. Jason Alexander is on top form here and I absolutely adore the way he plays that scene in particular, and the means with which he lies is fantastic. For every question the girl asks, he almost responds with another question or a half answer, just enough time to contemplate where he will next take the lie. It's brilliant comedy, it's classic George Costanza and in my opinion, it's pure 'Seinfeld'.

"The Cafe" is excellent. Something prevents me from giving it the nine stars this time around that I had always given it but my enjoyment was not much less. Every storyline works very nicely here and the means with which they come together is yet another example of 'Seinfeld' writing at its best. Every character gets something great, George the most in my opinion, and arguably even more importantly, Elaine is becoming more and more a pivotal character in the series.
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Babu Bhatt.
Sirus_the_Virus27 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Babu Bhatt(Brian George) is a memorable character on Seinfeld. Babu was a Pakistani man who in "The Cafe" episode of Seinfeld opened up a café that wasn't doing too well. So Jerry gives him some advice that he thinks will boost up reputation. But it doesn't. Babu isn't my favorite character on Seinfeld, but I think he's funny. "You're a very bad man". I was happy to see him in the finale. Babu is only in three episodes, but I like him. Babu is funny.

The Plot: Jerry goes to a café and gives the owner, an immigrant named Babu Bhatt, some tips because his restaurant isn't doing too well. Jerry's tips don't get Babu anywhere. George's girlfriend is forcing George to take an I.Q. test. George asks Elaine to and makes George look like an idiot.

The Cafe is a good Seinfeld episode. It's actually a great Seinfeld episode. Because it seems like anytime the gang does something for someone it ends up screwing the person over. Like when George parked in the Handicap parking spot and ended up giving the handicap woman a bad wheelchair. The gang screws over many people throughout the series. Babu Bhatt just happens to be one of them.
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