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"He lives in a bubble!"
Max_cinefilo8924 September 2010
After a relatively normal start of the season, the "show about nothing" pitches one of its silliest, and therefore most brilliant stories, courtesy of another exquisite collaboration between Larry David and the Emmy-winning Larry Charles (The Fix-Up, back in Season 3), who again use very dark humor to cover a more serious subject (an approach which resulted in some angry reactions at the time of the original broadcast).

The original premise is that Jerry, George, Elaine and Susan Ross (Heidi Swedberg), an NBC employee who's secretly dating Costanza, have planned to go to a cabin in the woods, belonging to Susan's parents. Before they leave, Jerry and Elaine meet a man (Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill's brother), who asks the comedian to come visit his son, a sick boy who's forced to live inside a plastic "bubble". Unfortunately, Jerry gets lost on the way, and George and Susan end up meeting the bubble boy in his place. As for the cabin... Well, let's just say Kramer comes along...

Proving that no subject, no matter how delicate, is untouchable in comedy, David and Charles take a very serious and real topic (which also inspired a Jake Gyllenhaal-starring movie) and turn it into the perfect playground for their comedic mischief, here depicted best in George's open conflict with the bubble boy over a game of Trivial Pursuit. In fact, this is really a George episode, as he hijacks all the best scenes, from a hilarious phone message he leaves on Jerry's machine to the impeccably timed ending, making for 20 minutes of non-stop laughs. Oh, and just so we're clear: it's "Moors", not "Moops".
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The Bubble Boy is a true classic and one of my top 15 favorites on Seinfeld!, as it's simply one of the best ever in my opinion!
callanvass28 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(plot). Jerry agrees to visit a bubble boy on the way up to a cabin in the woods. But Jerry and Elaine get lost and George winds up fighting the bubble boy. Meanwhile, Kramer appears at the cabin and wreaks havoc!.

The Bubble Boy is a true classic and one of my top 15 favorites on Seinfeld!, as it's simply one of the best ever in my opinion!. This has to be one of the most unique Seinfeld episodes ever, as the idea of a Bubble boy was just wonderfully crazy, and this is extremely well written by Larry Charles, and directed by Tom Cherones, plus I can't believe some of the things The Bubble Boy said as they were so nasty but hilarious!. I laughed my ass of when The Bubble boy started choking George, and the scene where the waitress won't take what Jerry wrote on the autograph is also quite funny, plus the ending cracks me up every time with Kramer putting that Cigar on the ledge and it falls on the papers!. The message George left on Jerry's machine about Naomi was hilarious, and this is extremely well made as well, plus Jerry's stand up's as always were hilarious!. It was funny but I can't believe George had the nerve to ask Susan for his change back right when her Cabin was burning down, and I loved the voice The Bubble Boy had, plus George was such an idiot for speeding up so fast so Jerry would lose directions. The Bubble Boy is a true classic and one of my top 15 favorites on Seinfeld, as it's simply one of the best ever in my opinion, and if you haven't seen it please do so immediately you won't regret it trust me!. ***** out of 5 Favorite quotes.

(The message George leaves). George: Jerry it's George, you all set for this weekend?, it's gonna be great!, your gonna have a great time with Naomi, all right she's got that laugh, What'd you say it's like Elmer Fudd sitting on a Juicer?.

George: that's too bad, Cause we were just saying, we were gonna ask you to the country club this weekend, Susan's father has a cabin up there but all right. Kramer: Well they got any golf courses up there?. George&Jerry: No,no,no,no. George: No,no that's pie country. Jerry: Yeah. George: They do a lot of baking up there. Jerry: They sell E'm at the side of the road, Blue Berry,Black Berry. George: Blackberry,Boysenberry. Jerry: Boysenberry,Huckleberry. George: Huckleberry,Rasberry. Jerry: Rasberry,Strawberry. George: Strawberry,Cranberry. Jerry: Peach!.

Bubble Boy: Hey Ma! what the hell do I gotta do to get some food around here, I'm starving, and if it's peanut butter, I'm gonna shove it in your face!.

George: Hi. Susan: Hello. Bubble Boy: Who are you?, Where's Seinfeld?. Mom: he's on his way, these are his friends. Bubble Boy: What are you looking at?, never seen a kid in a bubble before?. George: Pfft, Of course I have, come on my Cousin's in a bubble, you know Iv'e got a lot of bubble. Bubble Boy: What's your story?. Susan: I have no story. George: She works for NBC. Bubble Boy: How bout taking your top off?.

(The ending). Elaine: Look a fire!, holy cow look at that. Susan: it's my Father's cabin!. Elaine: The Cabin is on fire!. George: I just realized you never gave me back the change from the Tol's.
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"That stupid idiot!"
juanmaffeo27 June 2016
Now we're talking.

This is were Season's 4 streak of classic episodes begins. After a so-so start of the season we get the first good episode.

Jerry, Elaine, George and Susan set out to Susan's cabin Upstate for the weekend. Now, concerning the script, I believe there are two things here: one is everything concerning the Bubble Boy and then there's everything else. All around the Bubble Boy story is comedic gold. From the memorable parents to the Bubble Boy itself and the Trivia Pursuit game with George, everything works. Unfortunately the rest doesn't quite.

Jerry and Elaine's story line is kind of dull. Nothing really happens and it really isn't funny. Kramer's story is funny but it is too short.

On a side note I really like what this season does with continuity: from the The Pitch on, every episode has some sort of element that connects it to the previous one. Here we see Jerry's relationship with the waitress from the previous episode and Kramer smoking the cigars Susan gave George before. On a larger scale this creates a mini world around the gang's life and develops a much richer story along the season. They never tried that before or after.
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