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Lifeline (The Belgian Resistance) have to Negotiate With Orphans
psp7775 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Repeated in Feb 2007 & Apr 2007- UKTV Drama (Sky) - Over 30 years after its original transmission!

Its WW2 - Neither the Gestapo nor Lifeline rest with their activities; The Gestapo to pursue lifeline whose task is to help get Airmen back to their country. It's set at Christmas time. A group of children have discovered an airman; the elder child (Whim) is knowledgeable of Lifeline through an older friend, and sets out a list of child-like demands for his Brothers and Sisters - wishing to give themselves a decent Christmas - which is just a few days away - a memorable time.

Through a network of contacts, the deal is put together with handing over times worked out etc.

In the background, the thread of a previous storyline builds in the background concerning the division of loyalties in the Third Reich and its Party Members.

Rheinhart and Kessler have an argument when the subject of 'extermination' and 'grave' matters is brought up in conversation; Rheinhart thinks back to the recent death of his family during heavy bombing in Berlin, and struggles to remain composed when Kessler suggests that death of ANY kind for the 'beloved' Fatherland is in good cause.

Kessler leaves the Candide restaurant (paid for by British Intelligence) in a temper.

Meanwhile the trade off with airman is ongoing.

Whim's older friend has Whim stealing more snapss, and gets caught by the German Police. but due to Lifeline's connections they get the charge changed for him to be let go.

Quite a simple, uncomplicated wholesome episode peppered with simple values to create profound thought... AN EXCELLENT drama from the 70s - not lost or out of place in the year 2007. 9/10
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