Stevie Nicks: Hi, I'm Stevie Nicks. Do you like my band Fleetwood Mac? And do you like flautas, quesadillas and other Tex Mex specialties? Then you'll love my new resteraunt in Sedona, Arizona: "Stevie Nick's Burrito Round-Up".

[sound of whip is heard]

Stevie Nicks: Back in the 70s I devoted myself to witchcraft, Lindsey Buckingham and cocaine. Now I devote myself to a mexican dining experience you'll never forget.

[singing to the tune of Rhiannon]

Stevie Nicks: "Chicken fajitas taste real nice, wouldn't you like to eat them? My chips and salsa are mighty fine. No one 'round here can beat them." In my restaurant you'll hear me singing the songs that made me famous while dining on the best mexican food in the southwest. Like our house specialty: Burrito Dreams.

[singing to the tune of Dreams]

Stevie Nicks: "Now here you go again, you say you want burritos. I sure hope you can keep 'em down. It's all in flour tortillas, you can wrap around your meat. And listen, have you any beans you'd like to sell. It's a loneliness..." When Mic Fleetwood and I first started making music together back in 1968, I had a dream about serving mexican food in a restaurant.

[singing to the tune of Gold Dust Woman]

Stevie Nicks: "Rock on beef tostada. Take your silver spoon full of beans and rice." So if you're ever in Arizona and are craving a little Mexican food, or a vegitarian burrito, remember there's a place just for you.

[singing to the tune of Landslide]

Stevie Nicks: "You placed an order, I wrote it down. Beef enchilada, the best in town. Then I saw my reflection in a big pile of nachos. And the Landslide brought it down. Mmm-mmm."

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