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Lena Horne is in town, and Fred bets his buddies he can get her to come to the house. Fred slips into her dressing room, gives her a story about how his "little, lame Lamont" would love for her to visit him. Lena explains that she has to go out of town that evening to do a charity concert, but she is touched by Fred's story. She agrees to come by.

The evening goes by, and Fred hears a plane going by. He assumes that Lena will not keep her promise. Lamont tells Fred that he's going to be out of a lot of money for making a silly bet. A man comes to the door and asks if that is the Sanford residence. A second later, Lena Horne strides in. Lamont is shocked to see her, and so is Fred. Lena takes a look at Lamont, and seeing that he is not little nor lame, she admonishes Fred for telling her a lie.

Fred's pool hall buddies come by, and they are impressed that Lena Horne is there. Lena gets angry all over again when she realizes Fred made a bet about getting her to his house. Quickly, Fred explains the money is for the charity she's supporting. Lamont tells his dad to put in his contribution, too. Fred gives him a look, but reaches in his pocket and donates. Lena is very happy that Fred and his friends gave money, and she kisses Fred on the lips. As a stunned Fred tries to recover from this, Lena leaves, and his pool buddies run behind her, eager to donate more money.

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