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An exclusive boarding school is the setting for murder...
Neil Doyle19 May 2009
Once again, FELICITY KENDAL and PAM FERRIS are the gardeners you better not hire unless you want to find a corpse hidden beneath the sod or in the attic. Everywhere they go, they seem to turn up nothing but troublesome murders, just like Jessica Walters on MURDER, SHE WROTE.

This particular episode gets a lift from the performance of JAMES WEBER-BROWN who stands out in the supporting cast. Of course, in all of these outings the British cast does a superb job on the odd collection of characters one can suspect of murder.

Keeping track of all the characters is something you have to do for these sort of mysteries and the name dropping gets pretty intense at times. Still, it's always a fun show to watch.
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Worst episode
m-elle-kat3 May 2013
I love Rosemary & Thyme, can't get enough of it. But I found the plot and script of this episode to be lacking. The plot itself was weak to say the least. They made the murderer's tattoo very obvious, I noticed it right off the bat and figured he was the murderer. Oh look a gnarly tattoo.. he must be up to something. The ending was weak too, there's a pub down the street called the 'rising sun' so let's turn our landscape design into a 'rising sun.' Huh?? -.- This episode was a big disappointment but happily so far the only disappointment of the franchise. I thought the episode was bad because it was one of the first ones and the script writers were still new to the concept but that wasn't the cause because the very first episode was very good, right on par with the rest. It's still probably worth a watch if you are a big fan of R&T.. but otherwise skip it.
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