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Sex & Nudity

  • (7/10)
  • An extremely overweight woman's breasts are shown for a few seconds as she sits in the street and people come to pray to her.
  • A man's shadowed buttocks are briefly seen as his wife washes his leg.
  • A man and woman have sex in bed. They're both lying on their side thrusting into each other, although no nudity is shown.
  • A group of male and female prostitutes stand in a line to be chosen from. Two of the female ones have their bare breasts showing, and two others are wearing very thin gowns that show their breasts underneath.
  • A young woman wearing a thin gown that shows her breasts is told by a young man to get on her hands and knees. She does this, and he approaches her naked, although no nudity save from a bare chest is shown from him. Sex is implied but nothing is shown.
  • Two naked women are made to fight with swords for the amusement of a man. Their breasts are briefly shown.
  • A young prostitute lies naked in a bed after sex. Her breasts are briefly shown.
  • The final few seconds of a sex scene are shown. The man finishes and rolls off the woman, whose bare breasts are shown. His buttocks are briefly shown when he gets out of bed and walks away.
  • A slave's buttocks and giant penis is shown as he is examined by two women.

Violence & Gore

  • (6/10)
  • Two naked women are made to fight with swords for the amusement of a man. One of the women has her stomach mildly cut, and the man begins licking the blood from her wound.
  • A man punches a messenger so hard that he collapses backwards into a small pool of water. Blood is shown in his mouth.
  • A woman slaps a man in bed, and he then retaliates and slaps her back.

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