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Pretty good drama, one of the best of the whole show.
GUENOT PHILIPPE13 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I guess you have already read the topic of this episode, this so interesting tale. It begins with a young female standing at the top of a hotel, as if she was to commit suicide, jumping from the edge of the window. And only to obtain attention from an audience and prove that she is ready to anything to achieve a goal. Which one? To be an actress, to play on stage. A young country girl coming town to be a star. Common topic, I agree, but here, made by the early Bob Altman's work, believe me, maybe it's not an authentic noir or gangster scheme, but don't miss it. It is not a comedy at all. This young country girl is not so pure as she seems to be.

A true gem. One of the best of the series, with the other episode made by Altman too and speaking of the dance marathons, which I have commented. Don't miss it. Especially the end. It could easily have been a movie.
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