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Avonlea (1990)
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Several changes are happening at the King farm. First, Janet's judgmental and demanding Aunt Eliza comes for a visit. Much to Alec's chagrin, they learn that Aunt Eliza's stay at the last relation's lasted eight months. Second, Janet herself is feeling strange, not knowing the cause. Third, a pipe-smoking, fiddle-playing young man named Gus Pike is staying temporarily in their hayloft. All alone in the world, Gus, recently arrived on the island looking for work, is uneducated but world traveled, having sailed the seas on merchant and fishing ships. And fourth, Felicity, aged 13¾, is feeling no longer like a child but a young woman. First and foremost on her mind is wanting the affection of young man and to be kissed before the summer is out. She believes she's found that man when she meets David Hawes, the bowler of a visiting cricket team and who Sara thinks is at least 18 years old. Felicity does whatever she can to spend time with David while he's in Avonlea. She sees an ...

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