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Lorenzo Lamas is the Renegade in "Renegade: Renegade"!
gridoon20185 December 2008
Lorenzo Lamas plays a cop who agrees to testify against some dirty colleagues and finds himself targeted for murder. However the man assigned to do the job, a tattooed prison convict, misses him and shoots his fiancé instead. A high-ranking (and dirty) police officer finds the opportunity to frame him for this shooting, as well as for the killing of another (dirty) cop. With the woman he loved in a coma and a warrant issued for his arrest, Lamas tries to track down the convict and crosses paths with a native American bounty hunter (Branscombe Richmond) and his beautiful step-sister (Kathleen Kinmont). All this and more happen in just 44 minutes, which gives you an idea of how exposition-loaded this pilot episode of this surprisingly long-running series is. Nevertheless, it serves as an adequate introduction to the main characters of the series, so I guess it does its job. Kinmont has a rocking body. (**1/2)
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Renegade Seasons 4 & 5
fcnico11 December 2008
This was a great show, never missed it on "USA" network. T.N.T before that. I know this has been covered to death, but can anyone point me in the right direction as far as obtaining seasons 4 & 5? I tried every search I can think of, emailed "Cannell.com", searched online stores, distributors. Contacting "Anchor Bay" was futile, they say they have no plans of releasing these final 2 seasons. What a joke when you consider some of the shows that ultimately get put on the shelves. I was unable to view the rest of a user comment that looked like it may be a viable option. Something to the effect of "Alright listen up you block heads" or something like that, and he went on to say "this is what you need to do" or something. If anyone has an idea please help. It's good to be here. Thanks.
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