Laura Holt: [after Vinnie breaks through Laura's kitchen window] Who *are* you?

Vincent Dowd: Vinnie Dowd. I'm in trouble and I need your help.

Remington Steele: Wouldn't it have been easier to use the door?

Laura Holt: Wait a minute. Vincent Dowd? The LeBlanc kidnapping?

Vincent Dowd: Yea. Only I didn't do it. You gotta believe me.

Remington Steele: I thought you were convicted of murder. Life imprisonment.

Vincent Dowd: Yea, but I was framed.

Laura Holt: By whom?

Vincent Dowd: Me.

Laura Holt: [Incredulously] You framed *yourself*?

Vincent Dowd: Did a humdinger of a job, huh?

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