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Heidegger, Davro, Holder And Quayle
Mark Burden19 July 2017
This episode contains what I think are some of the funniest lines of the entire run: Rimmer: "Go to red alert" Kryten: "Are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb" Rimmer: "May I remind you of Space Corps directive 34124" Cat: "We're deader than tank tops" Cat: "The entire panel's deader than A Line flares with pockets in the knees" Rimmer: "This three dimensional sculpture...." Legion: "It's a light switch" Rimmer: "Can I buy it?" Legion: "No, I need it to switch the lights on and off"

Kryten: "Heidegger, Davro, Holder, Quayle" Much discussion on RD forums as to the above named four. If we are to assume that Heidegger is German philosopher Martin Heidegger (d.1976); and that Davro is Bobby Davro, comedian and impressionist who achieved substantial but not sustained fame in the 1980s; that Holder is Noddy Holder, lead singer and rhythm guitarist with rock group Slade; that leaves the question of who is Quayle? Some have suggested Dan Quayle, US Vice President from 1989 to 1993 under George Bush Sr.; but I would suggest an equally likely candidate in actress Anna Quayle - veteran of films including A Hard Day's Night and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and, at the time of this episode's first screening, was ensconced in her role as Mrs Monroe in BBC's magnificent series Grange Hill. In GH, we never learned Mrs Monroe's real first name - but obviously she was nicknamed Marilyn by most of the students. As RD had a track record of celebrating Marilyn Monroe (2/1, Better Than Life and 4/6 Meltdown) I suggest Ms Quayle as the most appropriate candidate for the role of Quayle.
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