Gushie: Ziggy computes the best option under the circumstances is to do nothing.

Admiral Al Calavicci: Well Ziggy doesn't want to make another mistake.

Gushie: Perhaps, but if Dr. Beckett leaped into Oswald to uncover the conspiracy, then doing nothing is an effective course of action.

Admiral Al Calavicci: How the hell do you figure that?

Gushie: Whether Dr. Beckett is himself or Lee Harvey Oswald is immaterial. Either way, you'll be there to observe. To watch the sixth floor window, the grassy knoll, the railroad overpass. You'll see it all! You'll know the truth.

Admiral Al Calavicci: Yeah, but I won't be able to stop it!

Gushie: I realize that Admiral, but you yourself said that's not what Dr. Beckett was leaped back to do.

Admiral Al Calavicci: Well, what if I was wrong? What if that's precisely the reason that Sam was leaped back?

Gushie: Then Oswald would have to be the sole assassin.

Admiral Al Calavicci: That's right!

Gushie: No conspiracy?

Admiral Al Calavicci: No. Just one angry, envious man who wanted to propel himself into infamy!

Gushie: But one lone man?

Admiral Al Calavicci: I know it's more comforting to believe in plots, because if Kennedy could be killed that easily, by one sicko, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Gushie: Admiral, what are you gonna do?

Admiral Al Calavicci: To try and find the truth.

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Lee Harvey Oswald: I admire the president very much!

Admiral Al Calavicci: You admire him, but you're gonna kill him.

Lee Harvey Oswald: That's what this is about! You're secret service and you're detaining me because you think I'm going to shoot the president.

Admiral Al Calavicci: I KNOW you're going to shoot the president. What I want to know is are you acting alone?

Lee Harvey Oswald: I don't even own a gun!

Admiral Al Calavicci: You own a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle and an S&W .38 special. The rifle is wrapped in a blanket at Ruth Paine's house and the pistol is at your rooming house at 1026 North Beckley. You ordered both of these guns through the mail under the alias of Alex J. Hidell.

Lee Harvey Oswald: Marina! She told you these lies!

Admiral Al Calavicci: Marina told me nothing. But, when questioned, she'll talk about the shot you took at General Walker. And she'll talk about locking you in the bathroom when Nixon came to Dallas because she was afraid that you were going to try and shoot him too!

Lee Harvey Oswald: I want a lawyer!

Admiral Al Calavicci: There's no lawyer here, there's just you and me and the truth!

Lee Harvey Oswald: I know my rights. I'm a member of the ACLU and I have...

Admiral Al Calavicci: [grabs Oswald's shirt and pulls him close] You're going to shoot the president from the sixth floor window of the Texas schoolbook depository!

Lee Harvey Oswald: You're crazy!

Admiral Al Calavicci: You're damn right I'm crazy.

[pulls a gun out of his back pocket]

Admiral Al Calavicci: I'm crazy enough to blow your brains out through your ear if I don't get the truth!

Lee Harvey Oswald: I don't believe in killing someone just because I disagree with their politics!

Admiral Al Calavicci: ARE you acting alone?

Lee Harvey Oswald: I-I want a lawyer.

[Al pulls the trigger right next to Oswald's ear]

Lee Harvey Oswald: I'M DEAF! I'M DEAF!

Admiral Al Calavicci: You're gonna be dead in a minute if you don't tell me the truth!

Lee Harvey Oswald: Okay, Okay. Just don't hurt me. I'm not gonna shoot the president.

[Al grabs his shirt again]

Lee Harvey Oswald: But, I know is.

Admiral Al Calavicci: Who?

Lee Harvey Oswald: Hidell. The guy who ordered the guns in the mail. He's the one who -

[changes to Sam's voice]

Lee Harvey Oswald: I'm lying Al.

Admiral Al Calavicci: Sam!

Lee Harvey Oswald: [in Sam's voice] There is no conspiracy. I'm acting alone and you have got to stop me.

Admiral Al Calavicci: I can't reach you Sam. He's taken over completely!

Lee Harvey Oswald: [in Sam's voice] You have to. You have to, or else it's gonna happen all over again. You have to find -

[changes back to Oswald's voice]

Lee Harvey Oswald:

  • Hidell. Find Alik J. Hidell. That's the man who's going to shoot the president.

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[Sam couldn't save JFK from being shot]

Al: Your swiss-cheesed brain probably doesn't remember, but... the first time around, Oswald killed Jackie, too.

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Oswald: [looking at Sam's reflection in the mirror] I still don't get how you do this.

Al: Well, it is a little difficult to explain.

Oswald: You think I'm too stupid of understand?

Al: Well, nobody understands it except Dr. Beckett.

Oswald: Try me.

Al: Try you. Okay. Let's start with the string theory. What's the string theory?

Oswald: String theory?

[in Sam's voice]

Oswald: I helped close the conceptual gulf between relativity and quantum mechanics. It postulates that subatomic particles are not points, but strings, about one Planck-length long. The rate at which strings vibrate can generate the properties of all known particles.

[in his own voice]

Oswald: Hmm? How did I know that?

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[Sam has just told the KGB everything Oswald knew about the U-2]

Lt. Guri: [in Russian] The U2 overflights are at twenty thousand meters, not thirty. Is he giving us false information?

Maj. Kosenko: [in Russian] I don't think so. I doubt that he knows much, and less about the U-2 than we do.

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Sam: How bad is it?

Al: It depends on how much you told them.

Sam: I told them everything Oswald knew about the U-2. Gary Powers.

Al: The Russians shoot him down next May and that incident extends the Cold War for years.

Sam: That must be why I leaped in here, Al, to stop the Soviets from getting U-2 data from Oswald.

Al: [consults the handlink] Ziggy doesn't think so. There's a 96% probability that you didn't give the Soviets anything on the U-2 that they didn't already have.

Sam: But they shoot Powers down, right?

Al: Yeah. It was just a lucky shot with a SAM-2, a hundred-to-one shot.

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[Oswald has taken over Sam's mind and he is in the book depository with his rifle, waiting for the presidential motorcade]

Al: I've got to reach you, Sam! Sam, what are the four fundamental forces of interactions in quantum physics? Sam, explain the Pauli exclusion principle. Sam, what is supersymmetry and how does it apply - ? This is never gonna work. It's all happening again. It's November 22, 1963 and it's all happening again! Sam, it's November 22, 1963! And your dad is still alive! He's teaching you how to drive a tractor, Sam. It's Elkridge, Indiana. You're ten years old and your dad is teaching you to drive a tractor. At this very moment, your dad is still alive and he's teaching you to drive a tractor, Sam! On the farm in Indiana! He's still alive.

Sam: Dad.

[Sam leaps]

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