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"The Pretender" Prison Story (1997)

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Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) becomes a prison guard to find out why a prisoner, Carl Will (David Proval), was framed for murdering a fellow inmate just weeks before he was to be released. Jarod discovers one of the guards (Sam McMurray) is being paid to kill specific inmates transferred from Joliet prison. Meanwhile, while Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), Sydney (Patrick Bauchau), and Broots (Jon Gries) are on stakeout at a seedy motel while following up on another clue to Jarod's whereabouts, Miss Parker collapses with a bleeding ulcer. Broots realizes the Monopoly game Jarod left behind in his motel room is missing its Get Out of Jail Free card, pointing them to the prison where Jarod is conducting his investigation.
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