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Talking to Harriet, Jarod learns that Catherine Parker, Ms. Parker's mother, had been the one that helped his parents to hide after he and Kyle had been abducted by the Center. He also learns that they had another child later, a daughter.

Meanwhile, Kyle is back in the Center and being tortured by Raines. Jarod brakes in to free him and is helped by Angelo. The brothers go back to their parent's hiding place, but when Raines finds out, he informs the FBI. Jarod, Kyle and Harriet flee in a car chase, but an accident leaves Kyle wounded. He urges Jarod to leave him to find their parents. Jarod and Harriet leave and as the FBI shoots back at the trapped Kyle, the car explodes.

Harriet gives Jarod a note that he should meet his parents in Boston. At the mentioned place and time, Jarod sees his mother pulling up in a taxi. She gets out, he calls her, they recognize each other, his sister is in the car, too. But Raines, Sidney and Ms. Parker are there as well. Jarods family has to run again. Jarod confronts Raines in an alley, but does not shoot him because Im not gonna let you do to me what you did to my brother. As he turns his back, Raines takes out a gun, but another mysterious shooter makes his oxygen tank explode.

Calling Sidney later asking for the grave of his brother, Jarod learns that there has been no body found, seemingly because of the enormous heat of the flames.


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