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Bill Crowley and someone from the US Attorney's office are meeting with Joey Marr in Mexico to ask him to come back to the US and name names to get the killer of his father. They guarantee his safety and the safety of his estranged wife and daughter. Joey has a very distinctive and noticeable scar on his right temple. At the station Pepper is pointing out the giant newspaper headline "Marr will talk" to Pete and they contemplate whether there is a leak or not. Pepper and Pete pick "Joey" up at the San Diego airport posing as his wife and brother under the name of Rossi and plan to escort him to Los Angeles. As soon as they are in the terminal there is a page for Mr. Rossi which Pete answers while a sinister guy watches and then follows them. Joe follows the group too. The bad guys run Joe off the road and proceed to the target car with the "Rossi's" inside. Pepper notices Joe is no longer following them but that a red hardtop car seems to be, so Pete pulls off the road and the car passes by. Pepper tells Joey she knew a cop killed by his father's employees. They wait for Joe who doesn't show up. Apparently this security detail isn't important enough for them to carry RADIOS in their cars. The group proceeds to the Cliff House restaurant where Pepper notices a man at another table she remembers seeing at the airport. Pete pegs him as one of the occupants of the red hardtop car. Pepper goes outside to use a phone booth to call Crowley to say they've lost Joe, she has rented a car and she is bringing Joey up by herself while Pete stays behind to keep an eye on the two sinister fellows. After Pepper and Joey are gone, Pete gets into the original car which has been left with all the windows down in the parking lot in case anyone needed easy access to it for anything, puts the key in the ignition and turns it on. Kaboom! Back at the station Crowley is hollering at the US attorney's reps about not being able to tell his people what is actually going on. After Bill leaves, one stooge says to the other "I'm worried about the girl, she's a cop." Meanwhile Pepper is standing on the side of the road by her rented Pinto wondering where Pete is. The red car flies by, comes back and starts shooting. A car chase ensues with Pepper losing them only to have engine trouble. They stop at a garage where they are told the radiator needs soldering which will take all night. Pepper and Joey head to a motel. Bill gets a call from Joe who is at the hospital where Pete has a concussion which Joe says is bad. At the motel there is only one room with one double bed because they are full with a tour group. Pepper decides it would be a good idea to try and blend in with the group and leave with them in the morning. The bad guys spot the Pinto at the garage and rough up the mechanic to find out where the two have headed. Crowley is questioning car rental guys at the hospital where he visits Pete who looks okay except for a couple of bandages. At the motel Pepper hangs up all her clothes on hangars in the closet which seems to be a logical thing for her to do. She and Joey discuss sleeping arrangements, she gets the bed, he gets the couch and he asks why she became a cop. She tells him she got bored being a model and that her real name is Le Anne. They discuss his wife and daughter. She decides to scout the hotel in a disguise picking the platinum blonde wig over a brunette wig. She looks amazingly not that different in it. At the bar she cozys up to the tour bus driver and after a little flirting he agrees to let her and her husband hitch a ride with them in the morning. As she passes back through the lobby she sees the two goons on the phone. She tries to use the phone in her room but none of the phones in the rooms are working because of an electrical storm. Pepper tries to figure out a disguise for Joey by messing with his hair. His fake scar comes off in her hand! Who is he really? A cop! This apparently makes it okay for them to now be intimate presumably. At the hospital the cops finally find the right car rental guy and he gives them a description of the car. They put out an APB and Bill and Joe take the chopper, usually at all cop's disposal, back to LA. This might explain why there is no budget for radios in the police cars. At the hotel the red car and guys are waiting while the tour group gets onto the bus. Pepper and her new buddy, Carl, split up and make it onto the bus. The cops show up at the hotel where the mechanic has left the Pinto. The bad guys get the room number from the desk clerk but the prey is gone. The only people who have checked out are the Glory Tour people. The local police call Bill to say they found the Pinto and Bills says they are going to meet a bus. The tour bus makes a ten minute rest stop and Pepper goes in to use the phone leaving Carl alone on the bus where his best course of action, he thinks, is to get a little shut eye. Unexpectedly one of the bad guys gets on the bus and shoots him dead! Pepper is upset and yells at Bill who tells her the real Marr is in DC testifying and that everyone did their jobs. Back at the station they have Pepper look at mug books from Vegas and she finds one of the bad guys in there. They head to the airport figuring the bad guys think they have completed their assignment and are probably headed back home. At the airport confrontation Bill shoots one of the men and Joe jumps the other. Pepper demands to know which one did it! They naturally don't answer the question. Bill and Pepper exchange meaningful looks.
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