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Neat final episode
Woodyanders10 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Burke (solid James Naughton) and Virdon (the equally sturdy Ron Harper) help the determined Leuric (nicely played by Frank Aletter) build a hang glider. However, Burke and Virdon are unaware that charming chimp scientist Carsia (a strong and credible performance by Joanna Barnes) plans to use the flying machine for her own deadly reason. Director John Meredith Lucas relates the absorbing story at a steady pace and stages some exciting action with flair. Galen (Roddy McDowall in customary fine form) has a few amusing scenes in which he gets wooed by Carsia. The smart script by S. Bar-David and Arthur Browne Jr. provides interesting insights into the shrewd cerebral methods of the chimpanzees versus the more brutish physical ways of the gorillas. The plot takes on a truly disturbing dark tone when Carsia's true intentions are revealed. Moreover, the sound acting by the capable cast keeps everything on track: Martin E. Brooks as the gruff Konag, Mark Lenard as the ever-angry Urko, and Booth Colman as the sage Zaius. A worthy closer to this cool series.
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Solid final, but not conclusive, episode
Tweekums12 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As this episode opens Burke, Virdon and Galen observe a man, Leuric, flying a rudimentary hang glider. He is shot at by Urko's gorillas and crashes into a tree. He is uninjured and is rescued by our protagonists. Virdon and Burke tell him that they can help him build a more stable craft but he thinks they are trying to steal the glory of being 'the first man to fly'. They set about building a superior glider but it may be too late; the apes have captured Leuric and a female chimpanzee named Carsia is keen to help him demonstrate his machine. It appears that she is interested in the furtherance of science but it later becomes apparent that she plans to use the craft to stage a coup against the rule of orang-utans and gorillas.

This, the last episode, features a good story, Frank Aletter does a solid job as Leuric and Joanna Barnes is good as antagonist Carsia. The latter character is more interesting though as she is not what she first seems and more importantly she introduces the idea that there isn't unity amongst the apes; she clearly sees the chimps as superior and can't understand why it is the other apes who dominate their society. It is just a pity that this idea was introduced in the final episode; had the series not been cancelled this could have provided an interesting on-going plot line rather. As well as a good story there were plenty of fun moments; mostly featuring Galen; notably when he pilots the glider made by Virdon and Burke and when he sabotages Leuric's glider under Carsia's nose. Overall one of the better episodes in this all too short series.
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