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Nice people got mean in this one
FlushingCaps19 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this one this morning. As a dog lover, I wanted to scream at these normally nice folks for the horrible way they treated their dog.

I'm not talking about how they continue to just call him "Dog" because they were too busy making sure they had tons of eye makeup to wear to bed--as seen in this episode--to bother to come up with a name for him. I refer to the way they treated him.

Early on, Kathy Jo is being led around inside the water tank by the three sisters, and they smile as the dog looks down from above. When he jumps in, as he apparently was welcome to do normally, they got all upset with him as though he was supposed to know not to swim with the baby.

Even some minutes later, inside the lobby, Bobbie Jo scolded him and called him a bad dog--FOR WHAT! He did what he had been encouraged by them to do--join them in the "pool." Then all of the family seemed to be mad at everything the dog did--even though the only problem was they now had cleared the areas where "Dog" usually sat for the baby.

So, "Dog" ran away from home, even packing some food. He went to Drucker's and spent the night with him, then moved around the next day, finally hooking up with a hobo, played by J. Pat O'Malley.

So, after the family was brought to their senses by Doc Craig, they looked and looked for the missing dog. Then Bobbie Jo said the dumbest thing--even for her. As they were going to be, having not seen him for over 24 hours, she said, "It's the first night he's ever spent away from home." What about last night, O-forgetful one? About the only really funny scenes were Steve having a fit when told they took his baby daughter into the water tank, before he learned that babies can learn to swim before they can walk from the doc, and when Sam took in the pooch and shared his tiny bed behind his store with him. Sam wins the "good guy" award here, but the Bradley clan----Ooooohh! Now I'll admit that most people, including myself, have wrongly scolded or yelled at a pet for misbehaving in an attempt to teach it, and sometimes we have done this in error. Maybe that's why I hated seeing this portrayed on the show by people who you normally like. Just when I was ready to say they learned their lesson, welcoming him when he found his way home. But then Uncle Joe rolled up a newspaper and was about to holler at the dog for running away--as though that would be a lesson he would learn. All the dog would know is, "I came back home after a day away, and the old guy yelled at me and scared me with a rolled up newspaper." I'll skip this one whenever it airs again.
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