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The Doppleganger

Author: zsenorsock from Argentina
23 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hugh O'Brien is the next attorney to pinch hit for Perry Mason while Raymond Burr recovered from surgery. He is Bruce Jason, a suave playboy, known more for partying and getting engaged 6 times in one year than his questionable legal expertise. Yet this entertainment lawyer is the person chosen to defend Elihou Laban (Abraham Soufaer), a foreign exile accused of killing Franz Schreck (Charles Radilack) while visiting an amusement park in Santa Monica. Paul and Della are on hand to help out Jason, and Perry appears in one scene to consult with Jason, then makes a second appearance on the phone right before the final fade out. O'Brien brings a lot of energy to the role and he has a lot of charisma, but given his background as an entertainment attorney and playboy, one has to wonder if he's really the right choice to argue a murder case. The script doesn't help O'Brien much, establishing him as a former OAS agent, but then saddling him with a exact lookalike involved in the crime. It is more than a stretch. Lisa Gayle is gorgeous and most intriguing as Laban's daughter Alyssa. She does a great job and makes one wonder why her career didn't take her further than it did. But at least we have this, "Get Smart", "Maverick" "the Wild, Wild West" and her many other TV credits to enjoy her in. It's nice to see Lt. Tragg rally and make what was becoming a rare appearance on the show, but all in all, the best I can say about this one is "Hurry back, Perry!"

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More Lisa Gaye!

Author: Dick24 from Arlington, TX
27 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lisa Gaye returns to Perry Mason and as always provides a very lovely presence. Here she plays the daughter of the accused (an immigrant caught up in a plot filled with international intrigue) and while I don't feel she looks very much like her "father" I'm sure glad the producers of the show cast her anyway! The story is a pretty interesting one featuring a former US spy, a foreign government official and several businessmen who may have killed the victim in order to protect themselves from the release of some damaging memoirs.

Hugh O'Brian plays the attorney who fills in for Perry (Burr was still only making token appearances during a convalescence) and does a commendable job. Of course he wins the case but more importantly in the end he wins a date with the beautiful Ms. Gaye. Mission accomplished!

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Schreck is Dead!

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
13 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** It's no wonder that Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, decided to sit this one out and get his good friend playboy and former OSS man Bruce Jason,Hugh O'Brian,to do the heavy lifting or was it acting for him here. Hugh at the time wasn't getting any roles on TV or the big screen and jumped at the opportunity to take the part which I suspect in years to come he greatly regretted!

With Perry recovering from, what seems like, liposuction surgery Jason takes the case of the behind the Iron Curtain, the usual nameless, country that Elihu Laban, Abe Sofaer,has escaped from. Laban an immigrant from Communism is accused of killing his nations Prime Minister Franz Schreck, Charles H. Radilak, in a Santa Monica amusement park, in the Tunnel of Love" no less, while on an official visit to the USA. It's Schreck,who at the time was the Minister of the Interior, who's suspected to have murdered his country democratically elected Prime Minister Oscar Volney who's secret papers, the Volney Papers, can expose his crime.

In trying to track down Screck's murderer Jason goes back to pre WWII where there were some illegal financial dealing going on with an un-named America who unlike the country was to only remain nameless until the final minutes of this very strange and bizarre Perry Mason episode! In fact it turns out that Jason himself was involved in these shady dealings which should have disqualified him from taking on the case in the first place! This all had to do with these mysterious Volney,or better yet baloney, Papers that was said to have exposed among other things the American in question! And if that's not confusing enough Bruce Jason,yeah the same guy, was the one who both knocked out Laban whom he's now defending and very possibly murdered Schreck, who had the Valoney Papers on him, in the darkened "Tunnel of Love"!

***SPOILERS*** It would be a lot easier to decipher ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Indian Sand Scrips then to try to figure out what exactly was happening here! With the chameleon like Jason having as many as three different identities going back to WWII to confuse things even more. There's also Hogan's Hero's Colonel Klink, Warner Klemperer, using the name Ulric Zenas as, I think, an intelligence agent of that nameless Communist country that Laban comes from! Of course Jason finally figures out who the murderer of Schreck is but the kicker in all this is that he didn't have to kill Schreck in the first place! The "Volney Papers" that Schreck had on him whom he murdered to get his hands on, and was to have implicated him in a number of shady and criminal financial deals, didn't mention the guy at all!

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really bad episode

Author: irishtom99 from United States
18 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1-it was highly unlikely the old man would be able to strangle a 40 year old ex-soldier.. 2-the storyline,and the motivations of all the characters,was VERY fuzzy. 3-hugh o'briens hat was laughably lame,not dashing. 4-if o'brien was considered to be a necessary witness,no judge would have allowed him to represent the defendent(conflict of interest). there were so many other inconsistencies..the police allowing a controversial war criminal to waste their time going to an amusement park,the judge allowing hugh to "kind of" object to a question,the defendent had OBVIOUSLY been struck by somebody,the police found him unconscious,etc etc etc..bad writing and directing for one of the best TV series ever..

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Needed a guide to keep up with the characters.

Author: kfo9494 from United States
13 November 2015

With all the odd names in this program, it was hard to keep up with which character. When on the witness stand it was so easy to get confused as each witness would be talking about someone with a Eastern European name that the viewer could not keep each person apart. For me, it was nearly a complete mess. Plus you thrown-in a character that was playing two parts and you can see trouble was afoot.

An Eastern European government bureaucrat visits Los Angles with some papers that will expose some secrets within the government. The papers, called Volney papers, is suppose to be delivered by Franz Schreck to Eilhu Laban in a rather strange way. On an amusement park ride of all things. However, the trade does not go well and ends up with Schreck dead and Laban knocked out by an former OSS agent. Laban is charged with murder.

From then on the story gets strange, Laban is given a lawyer, Bruce Jason. Then Laban claims his lawyer was the person that knocked him out in the amusement park. Now from this point, no Judge in the world would let a defendant be represented by a person that was claimed to be at the murder scene, yet the show continues.

From then on I could not get into the story. Between the lawyer having a double character and the names that could not be understood, losing interest was easy. The ending was rather nice as someone cons a few people into revealing the true murderer but the episode has already been lost. Even though the concept was not a bad idea, just did not play well.

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Where's Perry?

Author: enrightco from United States
25 November 2016

This is not a review, as much as some observations. Some great location shots of an amusement park - wonder which one it was with the "Laff" ride - The Pike in Long Beach or the one in Santa Monica (when it had more rides). I'm surprised that Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) is not in this episode? The above review said he was home recovering from an operation. Wonder why they shot the episode without him - perhaps in the day the production schedule and b'cast schedule of shows required them to shoot one without the main actor? Interesting? These shows are gems, with some really great character actors, like the German guy who was also in The Great Escape, and/or Stalag 17.

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Don't Know, Do I??

Author: darbski from omaha, ne
24 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, I marked the spoiler box, but mostly, this is a criticism of the whole thing. There were "guest" stars who filled in while Perry was laid up, and not one of them fit in.

One thing fits, though, the defendant uses the phrase "I'll kill him" - that pretty much seals his fate. I never have thought too much of Hugh O'Brian as an actor; he's a pretty boy who really never had difficult parts to play. Lisa Gaye is beautiful, as usual, and does a good job with her part. Another actress Joan Petrone, plays the part of a bad guy's wife; she's good looking, but doesn't have much of a part.

Della and Paul have small roles, but that's all.

The whole story is just too stupidly involved with complication to be believed, but, I hung in there to find out about the end. Not terrible, but far from one of the best ... sorry.

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