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"Perry Mason" The Case of the Betrayed Bride (1964)

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Good Story-Good Ending-Good Episode!

Author: kfo9494 from United States
10 November 2011

This episode begins with the Meachum clan waiting for their eccentric Aunt Nellie (Jeanette Nolan) to arrive back from Europe. While in Europe her husband, Harry, had died and the family has been waiting for sometime for Nellie to return in order to sell some property for development which will mean millions of dollar for the entire family.

However at the airport Aunt Nellie arrives with a new young french husband named Pierre Dubois (Michael Forest). All this to the disgust of the Meachum Family.

Everyone wants Pierre out of the way so they hire a young french maid named Marie Claudet (Annie Forque). By putting the young maid in a nice uniform this will be a way to lure Pierre from the older aunt's vows. But no one knew that the maid and Pierre had a history which did not end well. So Marie, the maid, is out to get some things straightened out before return to Paris. And Pierre wants her gone at any cost.

Anyway Pierre ends up dead in a swimming pool. And Marie is seen running from the house at the time of the murder. She even steals Perry's car during her flight but is soon caught by the clever Paul Drake. Now Perry will defend her for the charges that was brought by Hamilton Burger's office.

In this show you have suspects galore. The three Meachum family members all wanted Pierre gone. Roger Brody (Jacques Aubuchon) who wanted to buy the land from Nellie at a discount would have done anything to get that land.- And Victor Billings (Neil Hamilton of Batman fame) who was the butler but also had some interest in the estate of Harry and Nellie land. (I really did not understand his role in the entire property)

During the finals of the court scene we get a exciting twist to a Perry Mason plot. Without giving it away we have what I refer to as a surprise ending. This really helped the show since it seemed to be lagging with all the talk of the property. You will be glad you watch the episode to the end.

There are some notable things about this episode. This was the seventh and last time that Neil Hamilton played a part in a 'Perry Mason' episode. I do not know if that was a record but he was good every time and soon moved on to the Batman series.- Since this episode contained some french accents it is believe that Jacques Aubuchon was casted as Roger Brody. When he is on the witness stand he starts off with an french accent. Then later talks without an accent.- I will not say who, but at the end of the show we get a person that says "Noooooooooo". I will say it was the longest drag for the word 'no' in any Perry episode.- I am sure that CBS had better special effects than the back drop that was used for Paris street scene. Twice during the show we see the scene set in Paris, along the same street, with one of the worse unreal filmed back-drops I have ever witnessed.

Even with all that the show was good. Make sure you stay till the end.

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The French Maid

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
15 March 2013

In this Perry Mason episode everyone is concerned about dotty old Aunt Jeanette Nolan. After the death of her husband her two nephews John Larkin and Guy Stockwell are concerned about her dissipating the family legacy that they would inherit. Especially after she returns from Paris and has a new younger husband Michael Forest. Warning bells go off in everyone's head, most especially in butler Neil Hamilton's who hires a lovely French maid Annie Farge to put temptation in Forest's path.

When Forest is found dead in the pool though like William Holden in Sunset Boulevard the police the lovely Ms. Farge and Perry Mason who becomes her attorney shows some remarkable forgiveness as Annie fled the crime scene stealing Raymond Burr's car.

This was a really good episode with a lot of plot twists, the last one naming murderer quite a turn of events. Don't miss this episode at all.

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Ooh la la! Zee French Accents, Zay Steenk!

Author: gpswenson
6 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this series, but this was a real dog of an episode. From the butler referring to the dead man as "the decedent" to two French people arguing (privately) in English .... while supposedly being secretly taped for "evidence." And Lord the caricatures of "The French" and the scenes of various cast members sitting in a "French café"

Even Perry's famous revelation of the real murderer falls flat, 'cos there's no evidence supporting his deduction. Usually, the recap tells us how Perry knew something everyone else didn't, but that's missing this time around. Also, there's very little of Della Street in this episode. Matter of fact, hardly any Della in any of these first episodes of Season Eight. I hope she'll have more lines in the episodes to follow.

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badly acted

Author: irishtom99 from United States
22 April 2016

plot was fun,but this was EASILY the worst acted of any of the 200 plus episodes..and these were usually solid guest actors..bad accents,mugging for the camera,caricature instead of character..the series regular cast tried their best,but it came across as a middle school production..even the best of series has the occasional clunker,and this was one..guy stockwell in particular mugged with double takes and eyeball rolling more appropriate for the beverly hillbillies..director marks has to take most of the blame as these actors had no reputation for this..I also noticed that there seemed to be more incidental music than usual,and some rather insipid me tonight..tonight? in the summer house..the summer house? LOL

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